Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cleaning up my perfumery room

Just cleaned up my perfumery room. I cleaned up the trial bottles that were not right. It must be the spring that makes me feel like cleaning up I think. I even painted my perfume organ, I call it my perfume organ but it's just a bureau with three sort of miniatures cabinets on the wall next to each other where I keep my bottles with diluted perfume materials at reach.
I made also a list of the perfumes I'm working on:

*White flowers (rose, jasmine, honeysuckle, tuberose, orangeblossom)with an ambery note
*Jasmine-Musk with apple, orange, ylang ylang etc
*Magnolia with orangeblossom, jasmine, Bulgarian rose, mai rose, vanilla etc
*Manderin-Jasmine-Rose-Patchouli with Petit Grain, Palmarosa, Cedar, vanilla etc.
*Lilac-Linden Blossom-Bergamot with magnolia, peach, musk etc
*Vanilla flowers a light vanilla perfume with flowery notes from mimosa, jasmine, ylang ylang etc
*Dark musk
*Light musk
*Powdery musk
*Green rose
*Vetiver (for men)
*Powdery with hyacinth and ambery notes
*A perfume based on the scent of a hot summer night with notes of honeysuckle, hay, grass etc
*A perfume based on the scent after a warm summer rain with vetiver, lilly, gingerlilly etc
*Tuberose with creamy notes
*Pink Lotus
*Black Orchid
*Sweet Orchid
*A perfume with watery notes of Lotus, Waterlilly and Pineapple
A few "feel good" perfumes based on aromatherapy:
*Harmony with notes of Petit Grain, Palmarosa, Rose etc
*Happy with notes of Manderin, Basil, Lemon etc
*Relax with notes of Lavender, Tonka bean, Vanilla etc

And some trials of the accords of
Chypre, Fougere, Ambrein, Mellis etc.

There are more but these are the important ones for now. I will give a full description of all the perfumes I'm working on one by one later.
Have a nice weekend!

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