Monday, April 24, 2006

Perfume allergy???

Today I thought it would be a nice idea to buy a perfume for my husband because he has so much pain the last weeks. Now he can walk a little but still has pain even though it's not as painful as the last weeks. I went to the perfume shop in my little village where I live and asked for Moods by Krizia but they didn't have that, so I asked for Photo by Lagerfeld...sorry we don't have that. Well I wanted to buy a perfume so I had to find another one, and I found a delicious perfume Lui by Rochas, it was perfect a nice spicy woody scent and I knew that my husband would love this one. So they wrapped it in a beautiful paper and gave some samples of other perfumes as well. They put it in a pink plastic bag and I was happy when I left the shop with my pink plastic bag on my wrist with the wonderful fragrance in it.
I had to do some shopping so I went to the supermarket, once I looked to my hand it was turning red, just at the spot where I sprayed the perfume, the back of my hand. I was shocked...could I have a perfume allergy, my heart stopped for one moment, and than I was looking at the pink plastic bag on my wrist with the color fade away at the place where it was wrapped around my wrist. The alcohol from the perfume dissolved the color of the pink plastic bag on my hand.


Victoria said...

Hwew! That was close! Liu for men huh? How can they do that when Guerlian has Liu? Because it's men's?

Jenny said...

I think it's a french word meaning him and it's used for other perfumes like like Pour Homme but than Pour Lui, so I think it means for him or something. But this perfume is just called Lui not Pour Lui so it has to mean something like Him or He.

Heather said...

Jenny - fear not - if you suddenly develop contact dermitis from perfume - just spray it on your hair. No contact and you'll still smell delicious.


Jenny said...

Hi Heather, you are right and in your hair it will stay longer too. On clothes it also stays longer but you have to be sure it doesn't discolor it and it wouldn't be clever to spray it on jewelery like pearls. But to me perfume on the skin is the best, I like the way it developes with the warmth and the chemistry of it. I'm happy I never had a contact dermitis though.