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In Arabic the word Amouage means: Weave of emotion. Said Bade al Hammed from Omaan started this fragrance company and wanted to restore the Arabic perfume tradition and asked the famous perfumer Guy Robert to make western perfumes with the atmosphere of the east with sensual Arabic ingredients like Silver Frankincense, myrrh and Rock Rose(Ciste/Labdanum).The ingredients for the perfumes of Amouage are the richest and finest. The perfumes from Amouage are presented in a little work of art of French crystal and embellished with 24 carat pink gold plated design.

Amouage Dia

Amouage Dia starts with a dark green scent probably from the Violet leaf and Fig. In the top there are some bitter notes that reminds me of the smell of Phenyl acetaldehyde dimethyl acetal(PADMA). There also is a Clove or nutmeg note present. After a while the rosewood comes along together with peach what makes the fragance softer and smoother. The fragrance of rose is prominent, together with Ylang Ylang. From here on the Guaiacwood shows up. I love the scent of Guaiacwood what has a woody but also a rosy smell. In perfumes the Guiacwood is used to lead the rose notes (that appears in the heart of the fragrance) to the drydown an give it stayingpower. The drydown is full of white musk, it's funny to recognize the same white musk that I use sometimes and give me thoughts about using it like in Dia with notes of incense and animal notes like ambergris and some dry woody notes. The fragrance is pleasantly complex and changes on my skin every time I smell it. Even though I expected to be more heavier I love the complexity of it. I would love to smell the Amouage Gold one time. The price for a 50 ml parfum is €280 and the eau de toilette is €192 .

Amouage Ciel

Amouage Ciel is a whole other story. It's a fragrance full of white flowers perfectly fitting for the summer. The fragrance has a mouthwatering freshness coming from the gardenia; light and fresh, a bit green but most of all white, what reminds me also a bit of lilly of the valley and freesia. There is a dry flowery note present that could be from an iris note. I have to say that this fragrance doesn't change as much as Dia. The first impression lingers threw the whole fragrance, only a fruity note appears and after a while the musk note arrive with some spicy notes. When I smell this fragrance I get a summer feeling and I could imagine it be worn by a woman in a turquoise chiffon summerdress. I enjoy this fragrance a lot because I love white flower perfumes especially together with green notes. Comparing it with Dia this fragrance is less complex and Dia has a more natural feeling.
The price of the eau de toilette in a 50 ml bottle is €175 .
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Cait Shortell said...

Dear Jenny,
I just wanted to say your blog looks great! I haven't yet tried these luxurious Amouage fragrances. I love the bottles. The summery one sounds like it would suit me. Thanks for your reviews.

Jenny said...

Thank you Cait for your compliment.
The bottles of Amouage are lovely but I recommend to try a sample first because of the price.

Victoria said...

I have a sample of Ciel and I am trying to convince myself I don't need it. You are not helping!!

Jenny said...

Hi Victoria, it's up to you but it's tempting isn't it!