Friday, April 28, 2006


The strange thing about smell is that it bring back memories in a second. To proof how strong smell memories are try to think about the smell of the following things:
*The room of a dentist
*The garage
*The gym
*A morning in spring
See? What about the smell of your partner or your child? The smell of a blooming rose?
Olfactory information travels straight to the limbic system the primitive brain structures that govern emotions, it touches the emotion without relativation it's just there you can't run from it.

Smell is not only for the joy of life it's also for surviving. It tells you when food is bad or alarm you when there is a fire. I read once that doctors could use their smell to detect an illness by their patients. Some deceases have their own smell like yellow fever smells like a butchersshop and typhus like fresh bread, the pest like apples etc.
Sent can influance our behavior and emotions. Here is an article that said that the best flavors for car interiors meant for better concentration behind the wheel are those of coffee, mint, cinnamon and lemon. The most distressful and therefore recommended ambient for drivers remains the sea breeze. I think every one has sent memories but there is something that to me has the same effect: music. I can't cry by smelling a scent but to hear some part of music can make me cry and touch me in a strange way. I can cry without knowing exactly why, I recognize the feeling it gives but I can't tell why I'm so sad or happy. And also when I hear music from my youth I'm that little girl again dancing in the livingroom in the tutu my mother made for me. Could it be that hearing travels straight to the limbic system as well?


Cait Shortell said...

Good questions you pose about music in comparison to scent. I love the pictures you've used. My mom made me a tutu also! What a great memory that is. She quoted me saying in an Alaskan October of snow: "But ballerinas don't wear snow pants!!!" Thanks for your post, Jenny.

Jenny said...

You're welcom Cait! I think the feeling is really close to eighother it both can recall strong emotions. I always loved to dance on Tchakowski the nutcracker suite.

Arnetta said...

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