Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A walk through my fragranced garden

Walk with me trough my fragranced garden and smell the sparkling mandarin and lemon spiced with nutmeg, come on and walk further with me to smell the green leafs of the lovely basil. Can you smell it?
I pick up a fruit from a tree and let you smell this citrus flowery smell it's like orange but more flowery, do you recognize it? These are the fruits of the bergamot tree.
Now it's time to introduce you to my flowergarden. In this garden all the flowers are blooming just at the same time. On your left you see the lilly with a heavy white scent that owns a mysterious spicy fragrance reminding a little of clove. Oh wait..... you have to smell this fragile pink flowers, what do you smell? Doesn't it smell a little like peach? These are peachblossoms, a light flowery fragrance with peachy notes. Lovely isn't it? And have you ever smelled something that is as nice as the elderflowers? It's sweet, souer and at the same time it possesses a hay note. I learned from my mother to make a refreshing syrup of the elderflowers with lemon it's a lovely refreshing drink.
Do you see the color of that rose with her soft pink petals? It's tender, soft and feminine; inhale the fragrance and let it soothe you. Now it's time for something heavier. Here.... try the narcissus her fragrance is heavy but oh so wonderful, look at her... isn't she pretty? Just looking at her makes me smile. Her green flowery deep fragrance touches me in a rare way.
I have more roses, come smell these wonderful white roses. Sweet like honey with fresh notes that I can't recall, is it a citrusy freshness or is it something else. Again I smell a green note, green and flowery.
I hope your nose isn't tired yet because I have to show you more. Look at this wonderful flower, a flower with a wonderful promising fragrance. The hyacinth to me is the promise of a warm summer to come. Her fragrance is overwhelming. Green sharp deep flowery.
I also have lilac trees one with white flowers and one with deep purple flowers. The white lilac flower possesses a sultry sensual note with spicy and deep sweet notes even though her fragrance is a fresh and happy fragrance. The purple flowers own a softer note reminding me of hay and a powdery flowery scent.
See those little flowers of the lilly of the valley. So small and still so fragrant fresh light and green, tender but present in a sublime way. Do you smell the soft and green lindenblossom? A green fragrance with a full body, sweet and still light as a feather.
Do you like sweet flowers? Smell the wonderful fragrance of these orchid. The fragrance is magic, so sweet and sultry. Not sweet in a sticky way but just sweet a bit dry sweet with spicy notes.
Add to all these lovely flower scents the spicy notes of the clove with his almost woody spicy notes, the cardamom with his fresh uplifting citrusy spice fragrance and the dark spicy sweet scent of cinnamon.
Make a bedding of vanilla with her sweet soft warm scent, sandal with his creamy dark woody scent, tonka beans with his unique hay caramel scent and finally benzoin to ad a sweet warm chocolate like scent and you have the perfume of my fragrant garden.

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