Friday, April 21, 2006

Chanel No 19

Chanel No 19 is one of my favorite perfumes, I like it so much because this fragrance gives me confidence and makes me feel good about myself. This was the favorite fragrance of Gabrielle Chanel, composed by Henri Robert and named after her birthday 19 august. At first it was a perfume just for her self but later she let it produce for the whole world. The fragrance of Chanel No 19 is not an easy one to describe. The different notes of this perfume are so perfectly balanced that it's difficult to define a single note, that's what makes this fragrance so intriguing. You could say that it's a green, transparent, dry powdery, thin, dry woody fragrance with sharp notes and some flowery notes.

The fragrance starts with a fresh, savory bitter green note that possesses a note reminding of poppy seeds and a bit like the smell of metal. The top notes are dominated by the wonderful scent of galbanum together with bergamot, lemon and neroli. To temper the harsh notes of the galbanum there is probably added a little bit of amyl acetate. The middle notes are flowery but in a dry way. The iris root is here the dominant one, together with may rose, muquet, ylang ylang and a little bit of jasmine. Hedione is also present together with methyl ionone that makes a bridge between the flowery notes of the heart to the woody notes in the base. The woody notes possesses vertiver, cedar, sandalwood, guaiacwood and oak moss probably with the leathery mossy note of iso butyl quinoline.
It's a fragrance that let you feel like you are walking trough a forrest with her woody notes and earthy mossy scents with beautiful flowers scattered on her soil.

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