Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A look inside my perfumery room

I like to show you my perfumery room. I just painted my "perfume organ" 2 weeks ago. My perfume organ is just a bureau with three sort of miniatures cabinets on the wall.

A closer look at my perfume organ. I still have to make the labels of my bottles again but that's my next project. The bottles on the wall contain diluted perfume materials, like diltutions of 5-10 or 25% etc.

I have to be sure to write everything down.

I use pipettes for my perfume materials. For the large bottles I put the pipette in a little plastic bag and put it around the neck of the bottle, that way I'm sure to use the same pipette for the perfume material so no fragrance material will mix with an other fragrance material.

On the wall of my perfumery room I have cabinets with some perfume miniatures.

Here you see some of my perfumes that I keep in my perfumery room.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour through my little perfumery room. Next time I will talk about the perfume books I have.


Victoria said...

Very nice! Fun to see, thanks for posting!

Marie said...

Your room is very beautiful!