Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Swap Perfume revealed

On my Yahoo group Perfume Making we did our first 'Perfume Swap' in January this year. We sent each other our own created perfumes to get feedback about our perfumes. We did the Swap anonymously so we didn't knew who made which perfume so we could give honest feedback. 19 members participated in this Swap, so we all received 19 sample vials with perfumes created by our members. It was real fun to smell all these lovely fragrances. I promised in this post that I would reveal my Swap perfume to you all, so here I will post all the feedback that I received for my perfume. We had to answer a lot of questions, but the answers were real helpful for all of us. Some members could not answer all the questions but that is okay. I used here only the first letter of their names and sometimes I put behind it if it is a man (M) or a woman (W). On the botttom of this post I will tell my conclusion of the feedback.

The perfume that I sent in is desribed in this post. I changed a few things but the basic idea of this fragrance remained the same. It is an Oriental/Leathery fragrance with flowery notes, I wanted to create a perfume that was meant for a woman that is/or want to be confidant about herself, a classy, elegant woman. It was meant to be a sexy but not a girly- girly kind of sexy perfume, it was meant for a mature woman that knows what she wants and is not afraid of her sensuality. Here are some notes of this fragrance:

Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Honey

Heart notes: Jasmin Sambac, Mai Rose, Orange blossom, Cinnamon, Cedar

Base notes: Agarwood, Patchouli, Vetiver, Amber, Vanilla, Castoreum

Here is the feedback to my perfume:


1 What is your first impression of this fragrance?

L(W): Very sexy! Bud smells it the same way. Stuart Little, the cat, also liked it.
J(W): Narcotic Florleather
A(W): Smoky, oriental, deep floral-floriental
S(M): heady, floral, sweet, creamy
N(W): a burst of a bunch of tiny light purple flowers
M(W): It took me a bit of going over the first impression, but I feel it's
hyacinth with a leather note.
M(W): sweet bomb, strong, ambra-muskey, narcotic flowers, woodsy tones and
J(M): Vanilla classic
C(W): shadowy, mysterious, woody, warm, dusty but not unpleasantly so
B(M): flower, sweet, elegant, clove
M(M): Floral, woody, spicy, elegant, classy, well constructed.
C(W): Beautiful bright spicy fruity opening. Cashmeran? After the first
minute or two, it briefly smells a bit metallic on my skin, but not on
the strip. Linear after that, mostly a base accord on my skin, though
sweet orange blossom on my sleeve where it rubbed off - the fabric is
holding onto top notes better than my skin is.
D(M): Gorgeous, floral, rich. Balanced by herbal / spice blend
P(W): Floral, powerful, pulled me in the first whiff I took.
A(W): Sweet at first, then quickly changes to something tarry, smoky, creosote -
almost like car exhaust. A little bit of spiciness - paper, leather.
S(W): Loud floral
R(W): My first impression of this fragrance was this is a floral blend
F(M): Floral, ethereal, soft, sweet, a bit *narcotic *(phenylacetic
acid- on the strip)? A very subtle hint of something sweeter, like
fruity almost

2 If the smell of this fragrance could have a color, which color
would it be? (for example: Light, Dark, Intensive, Sharp, Pastel,
Purple, yellow, Green or more colors at the same time)

L: Intense
J: Steel
A: Crème to gold
S: periwinkle
N: lilac
M: pink , gold, dark red
J: Yellowish brown
C: camel-hair tan, umber brown
B: orange
M: Purples reds orange
C: bronze and umber, orange
D: a mauve brown - rich and warm, but not dark
P: Burgundy, gray, blue
A: Smokey grey, mauve & pink, morphing to mimeograph ink blue, and then violet
S: Bright yellow, copper, pink
R: yellow
F: purple, magenta, blue, silver-ish

3 If this fragrance would have a shape or form, what kind of shape or
form would it have? (for example: Big, Small, Massive, Angular,
Pointed, Round, Slender etc)

L: Phallic
J: sharp but smooth and detailed
A: round
S: very large sphere
N: like a big bouquet
M: .....
M: pink heart
J: .....
C: large, pillowy
B: Big, round
M: A body-sized velvety ball
C: large, mighty, a little angular, with deeply etched curved flourishes
D: curvilinear - like flower spikes bent by a breeze
P: Large, puffy, all-enveloping - maybe like a cloud.
A: Clouds of smoke and pink cherry blossoms.
S: Something like a giant sea anemone
R: round
F: Round, med-large (varying sizes), plump

4 If you could touch this fragrance, how would it feels like? (For
example: Soft, Hard, Warm, Cool, Rough, Smooth, Like a diamond, Like
silk, Like fur etc)

L: Warm and smooth
J: Strong but flexable
A soft, silky
S: soft petals
N: fluffy, silky
M: .....
M: like heavy oriental silk
J: .....
C: very warm, enfolding- medium length, dense brownish fur
B: warm
M: Velvety plush
C: warm and bright
D: soft, warm grassy slope
P: Soft, but strong
A: Non-tangible.
S: ...
R: soft
F: soft, smooth, a bit sharp/heavy at the top (scratchy?)

5 Can you imagine a certain place, scene or a photo with this
perfume? (For example: a sunset, a tropical garden, a gala evening, a
sports activity, the ocean etc)

L: Gala evening
J: Fast business, stock exchange, high power, lots of money, fund
raiser event
A: Fine restaurant or elegant setting
S: I think a tropical garden does fit for this one
N: grand garden
M: .......
M: chinese theater, oriental shops
J: 1920's party
C: A photo of a Middle Eastern Bazaar- interior of a shop tent,
a rather hot, dusty day, so that there are light halos, muted
colors and soft shadows throughout the picture. Numerous
fascinating things, sacks of spices, rolls of richly detailed textiles,
native carvings, ethnic jewelry, tempt your eyes to linger everywhere.
The image is very artistically composed and printed, like something
you'd see in The National Geographic.
B: perfume store
M: At the opera, nice restaurant
C: can't say
D: above - strong but pleasant sunlight - laying in new growing grass
in spring with the brave spring flowers pushing up.
P: Evening.
A: Busy city street - morning rush hour.
S: .....
R: I imagine a fun scene such as a party or dining with friends
F: tropical garden??

6 Do you find this perfume masculine, feminine, or unisex?

L(W): Unisex
J(W): Definite feminine
A(W): I would wear it in a second, but it has a masculine hint to it.
S(M): Feminine for sure
N(W): feminine
M(W): Good question. At first, I would have said feminine, but now, I think I
would say unisex.
M(W): feminine
J(M): Definite feminine
C(W): Unisex
B(M): feminine
M(M): feminine, definitely.
C(W): unisex
D(M): I would almost go for unisex, but the floral type insists feminine
P(W): Absolutely feminine.
A(W): Unisex
S(W): feminine
R(W): unisex
F(M): Feminine

7 What kind of woman or man can you imagine wearing this perfume?
(For example: Young, Romantic, Sportive, Middle age,
Aristocratic, Playful, Firm, Chique etc)

L: Both romantic and aristocratic
J: Professional woman, stylish, self confident, high income earner,
A: A romantic woman, probably a middle aged woman or anyone older than
early twenties - this is a little too much, I think, for a young
sweet something.
S: 25 to 45 yr old woman, vivacious, outgoing and playful
N: Sophisticated
M: .....
M: middle age lovers of heavy sweet scents
J: Very diverse, both my 29 yo sister as my 90 yo grandmother like it
C: An adventurous and sensual 30+ man, confidant, creative...wearing for
intimate evening, or special occasion scent. A strong, independent woman, also
30+... wearing as a her personal "power perfume", like a women of the
would wear Caron's Tabac Blond.
B: Romantic lady
M: Romantic lady, age 35 and up
C: bold, sensual (man or woman)
D: style-conscious, but daring - a younger, hipper Martha Stewart
(don't take this the wrong way - I worship Martha)
P: Romantic, sensual, mature.
A: Middle-aged, sophisticated, experimental, not afraid of what life has to
offer, looking for new experiences/adventures - mid-life crisis??
S: Someone outgoing
R: A wide age group could wear this perfume
F: younger, but not youth, more mature

8 Would you like to wear this perfume yourself?

L(W): Yes!
J(W): Yes, if only I had a place to wear it, doesn't fit too well in
my garage. LOL
A(W): Yes
S(M): Whish I could
N(W): probably not
M(W): Yes, I have worn it. I wore it to a birthday party. I really like this
perfume and would like more. I only have a tiny sample. If anyone isn't
keeping samples, I'll take this one off your hands. (grin)
M(W): Yes, for special events
J(M): No, too feminine
C(W): probably not-
sadly, something in it turns sour on my skin in the drydown
B(M): No
M(M): Not as a man. But I would enjoy this on a woman.
C(W): Yes
D(M): If I was a hip chick, you bet
P(W): Yes
A(W): Not particularly - maybe only if I really wanted to cause a stir
S(W): no
R(W): When I wore it, I thought it was quite nice
F(M): No, too feminine

9 If so with what kind of event would you wear this perfume? (For
example: A bar, Christmas, A fancy diner, Friends, Work,
The beach, A summer party etc)

L: To bed, for a very special encounter.
J: Special evening out, date night, meeting for dollars.
A: Well, I'd be apt to wear it to work, but I would also wear it for a
nice dinner, a play, ballroom dancing.
S: A family gathering or a day out on the weekend
N: perhaps formal occasion , business
M: It's kind of heavy for summer or work. I
would wear it out to dinner, a party, a bar.
M: evening wear, theater, balls, artevents
J: ....
C: I might ask my guy to wear it if he liked it, since it doesn't work on me.
This would be for evening wear both going out and for staying home and cuddling.
B: In theatre, romantic open fire
M: A fancy ball, dressy evening
C: casual, outdoorsy, home, social events
D: Highly flexible, but not for work. There is an edge that insists on
P: Evening event. To me this one is sultry, romantic - definitely an evening
Annie: .....
S: Christmas party
R: I would wear this fragrance when I am going out for the evening.
F: Romantic dinner out, Spring or Fall, type of scent, being a
heavier type of floral

10 How would you describe this perfume? (For example: a flowery
perfume, a Chypre perfume, an oriental perfume, a strong perfume,
a gentle perfume, a soliflor or maybe you think it's not a perfume
but an accord or a base)

L: A strong perfume, with an oriental flair
J: Floraleather
A: I think it is a floriental.
S: floral
N: floral
M: This perfume is very strong. But I like it that way.
M: very sweet oriental, heavy but nicely buquet on my skin
J: Oriental vanilla
C: A smooth woody amber perfume with salty, caraway seed, cumin notes.
Primarily aroma chems to my nose, maybe a few of those costly sandalwood
I don't know if it's my recovering 'kleenex nose', but unlike a lot of others,
I perceive very little in the way of florals in this scent, but that may
just be my own limited definition of what constitutes 'floral'.
B: flowery spicy
M: a spicy woody floral
C: warm & bright ambery oriental
D: a new chypre
P: Floral, spicy, powdery
A: Fantasy fragrance.
S: Strong floral
R: This perfume is floral
F: Floral, .fantasy blend, edible, mouth-watering, modern
(chemical). It opens up as a floral then evolves down to more of a
fruity (fantasy-type) middle

11 Does this perfume remind you of an existing perfume?

L: Black Watch by Prince Matchabelli
J: Don't have enough samples to compare it too
A: Yes, a little bit but I'm having trouble remembering it.
S: Oscar de la Renta
N: no but I really do not know commercial perfumes
M: No, it's very different... unique
M: but it reminds me a lot to a very typical smell in some expensive places and
shops in Asia
J: A bit like No5, Mitsouko and other classics with lots of vanilla
C: no
B: No
M: No, but I don't know a lot of them on the market
C: no
D: some elements do, but the overall impact is new
P: No
A: Not at all.
S: No
R: This perfume does not remind me of any other
F: No, maybe Joop???? (not that familiar with many, can't recall)

12 What kind of package and name would fit this perfume?

L: Black faille box. The name - All I can think of is Phallus, but there must be
something more original.
J: Black with steel, sleek, modern. Perhaps a name like "Saber" or
Wall street
A: .....
S: Yellow and white box with gold print, but not pretentious
M: If Disney didn't have a copyright on it, I'd say "Fantasia". or maybe
M: exotic disire , colours red, dak red, pink maybe orange, gold
J: .....
C: A tall, cylindrical bottle with a lightly textured cap of burnt reddish
'flamed' gold-leaf.
The box would be soft deep umber brown, matte finish, with design
accents, perhaps the name, in this same metal-leaf.
B: Milky glass with gold
M: burgandy and gold with a bulb atomizer.
C: ?
D: ......
P: Gray box with burgundy accents. Maybe a spiky bottle.
A: "Rush" - I'd use a vaguely car shaped bottle in sleek shiny black glass -
sleek shiny black box with silver/chrome trim and print.
F: Lavender with pastels, multi-colored (purples, blues,
magentas) spheres (bubbles) maybe. Name: "Juicy"


1 How well does this perfume last on you? Is it long enough?

L: It lasts a very long time
J: It has a nice long staying power and maintains consistency
A: It lasts a lot better than most. The dry down lasted for several
S: It was long lasting and had a very nice drydown
N: It lasted mostly a couple hours
M: Well, I'd hate to have anyone think I have poor bathing habits, (LOL),
but I could still smell it two days after I applied it. It was in my
hair. It lasted a very long time.
M: It lasts long and remain
J: It lasts a very long time
C: Good grief, we've got an Energizer Bunny here. Goes on and on and on...
both on skin and scent-strips. It lasted for 8+
hours on my skin. The scent strip from 36 hrs ago still carries a faint odor.
B: Longlasting
M: It lasts very well, moves nicely. Well contructed.
C: Very good lasting power
D: Yes - lasts nicely
P: Lasts a very long time.
A: It's been almost 8 hours since I put it on, and I can still smell it pretty
well, so I'm going to guess that this is one of those fragrances that might last
at least 24 hours on my skin... I'd say that's long enough.
S: yes
R: It is long lasting
F: yes

2 What do you think of the strength is it too weak, too strong or
just fine?

L: Perfect
J: Strength is fine
A: Definitely strong at first, but pretty good after that.
S: It was strong initially, but softened nicely over time
N: just fine
M: It's strong, but I like it that way.
M: it couldn´t be much stronger without disturbing noses, yes its fine.
J: Good
C: Quite strong, but IMO, that's a plus for this sort of fragrance
B: It's okay
M: Just right.
C: It's quite strong but I like that
D: perfect - I could go a little stronger, but that's why there are
levels of perfume.
P: I think it is strong, but it is not too strong.
A: It's a little overpowering at first, but dries down to a nice level.
S: a bit too strong
R: it's good
F: a bit of a (too strong) narcotic nuance (top) [strip], but
strength is fine

3 Do you find this perfume complete?

L: Yes
J: Yes
A: I like the base and I think the citrus is not a bad idea for the top
note, but I think I would like it to have more of a middle note.
S: yes, very nicely complete
N: yes I think so
M: Yes
M: Yes
J: It is mostly vanilla, I miss a real top and heart that could
precede the vanilla base
C: Yes
B: Too many separation from top to basenote
M: Yes, but I have an idea for it. See below.
C: Yes, it's wonderful.
D: Quite - there is an elegant balance already
P: Yes. This one grabbed me from the first day I opened the package. It cannot
be ignored!
A: No. I'd like to smell more things in the dry down. the heart and base notes
could stay linear, but they need to have more interest.
S: yes
R: Yes
F: Yes

4 Do you miss something in this perfume and can you tell what it is?

L: Nothing is missing.
J: No
A: No, I don't think anything is missing
S: There is an element of something like mimosa in there that I wish I could
take out. This isn't that important and many might find they love that. I
wouldn't say anything is really missing.
N: not that I can say
M: nope
M: Not at all, maybe calm down a little the sweet impact
J: It is mostly vanilla, I miss a real top and heart that could
precede the vanilla base
C: nothing missing
B: ......
M: The opening is a bit flattened off, not bad at all, but I personally would like
it to have a
spike top note that is a bit more "pointed" just for the opening. This could be
a quickly
evaporating smaller ester to give it a short sharp, crisp blast... I tried it
with a trace of the
radishy/crysanthemum Diola (IFF) and it my nose it makes this fragrance really
"sing" at
the opening and gives a great finish to it and stronger signature.
C: No
D: .....
P: No
A: Perhaps some citrus in the heart, and some kind of woody note (sandalwood?),
maybe something amber or oriental in the base.
R: No
F: No

5 Do you find this perfume complex or simple?

L: complex
J: Complex
A: Complex
S: It is complex in a very pleasing way. Like when you view a painting that has
a lot to look at and understand, so it is with this fragrance. While it is
overtly floral, I also loved the creamy elements too.
N: sort of complex
M: very complex. My compliments to the artist. I love this scent
M: very complex
J: Simple
C: complex
B: Very complex
M: Very complex
C: a bit complex
D: complex
P: Complex.
A: Starts out complex, but dries to a more simple impression
S: complex
R: Complex
F: complex (modern)

6 Does this perfume has harmony?

L: yes
J: Yes
A: Yes
S: I felt it was harmonious. The elements blended well together and there were
appropriate links between the top, heart, and base as well as between
N: Yes
M: Absolutely
M: Yes
J: .....
C: Yes
B: Yes
M: Yes
C: Yes
D: yes - a beautiful balancing act between floral, herbal and spice
over indistinct but totally yummy base notes of wood and vanilla
P: Yes
A: Lots of dissonance at first but just a little dissonance as the tops notes
fade. Nicer harmony toward the end.
S: I'm not sure, I'm having a hard time with this one
R: Yes
F: yes, but a bit too scratchy? (powerful) at the top, the
initial blast at the top is a bit overwhelming at first, but it
evolves beautifully and harmoniously

7 Does this perfume touch you emotionally?

L: Yes - it really raises my libido
J: Yes, it is strong, provocative and enticing and has an edge of
A: Yes, but I love orientals.
S: Yes, but it's hard to verbalize. The composition made me feel comforted, at
ease, but playful too.
N: Yes
M: Yes, I can't stop smelling it.
M: Yes, it is strong, powerful and reminds me to some places
J: Yes, it gives a feeling of warmth and joy
C: Well... it DID make me consider inviting my gentleman friend over in order to
try some on him since it didn't play nice with my skin chemistry, but smelled so good on the
strip. Hmmm, maybe it would work better on my sweetie's skin... Yeah, that's my story
and I'm sticking with it! ~;<}-or as our own dear Frank would say..."Hubba-hubba!"
B: Yes
M: Yes, it's pleasant, refined, but not at all radical.
C: the opening accord does very much - bright and jubilant, uplifting. It's a very rich throughout, and satisfying.
D: I have a feeling of connection with it
P: Yes, absolutely. It is rich, sultry, romantic - just a beautiful perfume.
A: Yes - makes me nervous/anxious.
S: no
R: Yes
F: for some reason, yes, yet can't pinpoint it, maybe it's the fruity part that does it, or the base accord or combination

8 Does this perfume has diffusivity?

L: yes
J: Oh yes, one spritz and it has lingered
A: Very much so
S: I did find it diffusive, it created a lovely trail.
N: yes somewhat at least at first
M: Yes - my boyfriend could smell it and he doesn't have a good "smeller"
M: definitly
J: Absolute, the best so far.
C: Yes
B: A litte
M: Medium, not huge. A touch more coumarin would make it huge
C: Very good diffusion.
D: somewhat - not 'in your face' but a pleasant flow
P: Yes
A: Yes, but only the sweetest notes... but maybe that's a good thing.
S: very much so
R: Yes
F: Yes

9 How does the dry down of this perfume smell?

L: very long intensely sweet drydown
J: I like the dry down very much, still maintains consistent
fragrance after several days in the bag
A: Mossy, balsamic and very slightly indolic
S: some of the warmth comes through and those creamy, comforting elements
N: interesting sort of changing in a fleeting sort of way, yet not changing, sort
of odd yet pleasant
M: There is a unique scent to this perfume that is fascinating to me. I've
discussed it with another member of the group and the consensus is that
the scent is a true accord and we're not just smelling a strong
ingredient. It is a combination of ingredients that has made a wonderful
new scent. This new scent is in the top, heart and the drydown.
M: nicely warm very pleasant and long lasting
J: Warm vanilla
C: Nicely consistent with the opening and heart of the fragrance.
I get a slightly salty, dusty 'precious wood' blend enhanced with savory spices
blending seamlessly into pretty 'butch' animalic notes.
B: Spicy chemical, sweet
M: Spicy isoeugenol, an orcinyl-3-type thing (some gutsy amberish wood note with
smoke.. perhaps Ambrol, Firmenich)
C: Ambery and warm, very good.
D: Maintained balance
P: Drydown is softer, but still a prominent fragrance on its own. A little more
A: Starts out sweet w/ a blast of car exhaust - @ 1 hour, more of the sweet is
left on the skin - kind of like the smell of mimeograph ink - @ 4 hours, less
intense, more like cherry lipstick, or candy colored with Red No. 1 (it
especially smells this way on a strip) - also a bit of benzoin maybe some
sandalwood coming through - honey-like smells, @ 7-1/2 hours sweet
cucumber/melon musk.
S: .......
R: This perfume is quite pleasant and I cannot say one thing stands
out…it is a perfect blend of the ingredients
F: Ambery *(Ambergris-like, Ambrox, ambroxan), woody, powdery,
sweet (E.vanillin?)

10 Does this perfume has a strong accord?

L: yes
J: Yes
A: Yes
S: the floral accord is quite nice
N: I think so
M: Absolutely.. new and refreshing
M: .....
J: Yes
C: Yes
B: Yes
M: yes, definitely
C: ambery woods
D: no
P: Yes
A: After the top notes fade, I think.
S: yes
R: Yes
F: Yes

11 Does this perfume has enough character?

L: yes
J: Yes, loaded with character
A: Yes
S: yes, it has a real personality. It has vision and prominence.
N: I think so
M: Oh yeah!
M: Yes, enough.
J: Yes
C: Yes
B: Yes
M: yes, but with a more piercing opening it would even have more character
C: yes
D: yes
P: Yes
A: Too much maybe??
S: yes
R: Yes
F: Yes

12 Do you consider this as a perfume or is it suitable for other
things like soap, candles etc?

L: I would love to also have soap and candles in this scent
J: Perfume only, would not want to waste it on anything else
A: Oh I'd love it as a perfume, but I think it would be good for other
products as well.
S: I saw it as a perfume for sure
N: perfume, possibly room spray, maybe candle
M: No, it's a perfume
M: could be a nice try
J: It can absolutely used in other cosmetics and so on, but is the
best in some stay on formula like perfume
C: perfume
B: For Perfume
M: Could be used for perfume, matching soap.. and a candle.. why not?
C: It's a perfume
D: perfume
P: Oh, nothing but a perfume. It seems perfect for that.
A: Just perfume
S: just perfume
R: I consider this as a perfume with lotion, soap etc
F: perfume, talc, soap, bath products

13 Do you like the fragrance just the way it is and wouldn't change
anything? (Please be as honest as you can and don't try to give an
idea to change when it doesn't need anything)

L: It's perfect just the way it is
J: I love the fragrance, it has obviously been well thought
through. There are lots of materials and some I believe are very
expensive. I would be at a loss to suggest any changes to this
A: I happen to like it just the way it is.
S: Aside from removing a mimosa type element, I really wouldn't change anything.
Even then, I'm not sure I'd mess with it too much.
M: No changes
M: yes, I like it and would use it this way.
J: It is too subtle I think. It is mostly vanilla. The spicy accents
are very faint
C: Fine as it is, except for whatever eventually goes rancid/sour on my skin,
but that's my problem, not the perfume's.
B: Yes, but the spice-accord is too strong
M: Diola. And, ok.. this is really difficult to explain: There is a certain "almost
cigarette" quality that clary sage oil, nerone, isoeugenol and narcisse all have in common.
I get a touch of this odor in #3 and wish it had a touch more of it. It's a slight
roughness. A trace of nerone would do it or narcisse base.
C: I wouldn't change this one. It's quite good.
D: A beautiful composition as is.
P: I wouldn't even try to change anything in this one. It is powerful as is. Such
a well-formulated perfume. Whoever you are - you know what you are doing. This
one could be marketed now IMHO.
A: I'd definitely make the initial impact less "offensive".
R: I think its fine the way it
F: soften (round) the top accord, might remove a bit of urine-
like (narcotic?) nuance. On the skin it is not that noticeable, more
noticeable on a strip, but something is overpowering the opening.


Here you can add all your thoughts, ideas and further feedback. Like what you think could be improved, what you would like to be changed. Maybe less vanilla, more rose, a stronger dry down, more topnotes, giving advice to use some other notes to improve, etc:

J: The only problem I could see with this perfume would be the cost
of reproducing this for resale. I would think that the ingredients in
this formula are considerably expensive and making this for anything
other than special people or high dollar consignment would make it
difficult to replicate.
S: wouldn't add anything. I thought this fragrance was well crafted, well
thought out, and something that would have broad appeal for people that enjoy a
big, floral scent.
N: I can't think of any thing to change.
M: maybe soften a little the bombeffect putting some sandeltones
J: The perfume is now mostly a vanilla base. It needs a real top and
heart. That can be filled in in many ways, but probably the best
with some spices and jasmin (preferably sambac) or other spicy and
exotic flowers.
B: It's difficult to add another fragrant materials, because it's changes the
character of this perfume
A: Add some ambery/woody/slightly pungent base notes, Take Away: some of the creosote/exhaust smell at the beginning, plus a little of the sweetness in the heart.
S: It gets a metallic note on my skin for a while, that disappears
again later. Also it went kind of mouldy (like when you leave a wet
towel in a plastic bag for too long) on my skin the second time I
wore it, but that faded after a little while too.
M: This is a very professional lady-like perfume, IMHO. My compliments to the mystery perfumer!
D: I can see the heart/base elements as a highly flexible accord on
their own. I find it very difficult to identify a focus essence. It
is both all and none of its constituents, forming a new whole.
Tweeking the florals and sweetness level could easily result in a
male version. The overall effect is 'gorgeous' - a throaty blend
that I want to take deep breaths of.
F:Add: (Top)- maybe a bit of citrus, or fantasy-type fruit, or softer
floral to round it a bit, something to soften the top accord.
Take Away: something at the top is a bit too strong (domineering)
Top: adjust something (^above^)
Heart: nothing, fine as is
Base: nothing, fine as is
Dry-down: nothing, fine as it is
D: Opens with a strong floral spice, very perfumey. Sophisticated.
Middle notes are a bit too dry-spicy lily, almost a gunpowder note.
Great longevity and diffusivity. The spicy lily gunpowder middle note
would be better a little farther in the background.
A woman's perfume for formal occasions.

My conclusion about the feedback:

I find the feedback really interesting, it confirmed some things I already thought about this perfume. I think that the perfume itself is not too strong but that the topnotes are, I will work on that some more. I also want to deepen the heart notes. I find it really important that a perfume does not only has a nice smell but that it tells you something as well, that it touch people, I'm happy to see that the members find that my perfume touch them emotionally. It was also good to see that they find it longlasting, I also find that really important for a fragrance. It was funny to see the difference in the answers for the same question sometimes, like one member said it was too spicy while the other said it needed more spicy notes. Well back to work on it again, I will keep you informed about my experiments with it....

Saturday, May 05, 2007

My third attempt to create The Kiss

I worked some more on my perfume based on the painting The kiss, that some of the members on my perfume making group at Yahoo are working on too. We swap it with each other and give feedback and it gives us a chance to learn from each other.

I already know the basic notes it will need, like amber, sandal, orris, rose and musk, of course there will be other notes as well but these are the main notes, the basic structure of the fragrance. Today I approached the creation differently, I combined some of the notes separately, like the amber notes. I combined all the amber notes in a bottle to see how they work together and what the best rate for them will be. For the amber notes I used notes like labdanum absolute, Cedramber, Kephalis and iso E Super. I did the same thing with the other notes, like the rose notes, I added some aldehyde's and Damascenone to the rose.

I let all the bottles I made stand for a while so it can mature and I will evaluate them later again, to see in what kind of rate I will use all these notes in the fragrance.