Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The opposite sex

What is the difference between a perfume for a man or a woman? What makes a scent feminine or masculine? I think the perfumer makes that decision. I don't care what the perfumer had in mind, if I like a masculine perfume I will wear that. I was thinking about the first time I met my husband. The fragrance he was wearing Oh wow I was addicted to it. Really! I couldn't stop to smell his skin and when he wasn't around I sniffed his shirt! Later I found out he was wearing the perfume (the real perfume concentrate) of Must de Cartier a fragrance for women!!!! He still don't believe that it's a fragrance for women but it is (originally). My husband is born in Egypt and this oriental perfume is perfect on his skin. If I think about a masculine perfume that could be worn by a woman I think about Joop! It has a sweet note that also could be worn by women. And what about Jicky from Guerlain... it was made for men but eventually took over by women. Vice versa it was the case with Old Spice, originally made for women but later a men's perfume. Who cares, just spray it on and enjoy!


andy said...

Dear Jenny
I perfectly agree... wear it if you like it and if your skin brings out the best of the perfume. It is irrelevant whether it is made for man or woman.
One last word, why you like the scent on your man so much... there are moments where a beloved partner could smell like a cow: You would still love his scent...wouldn't you? That's one of the nice things about love: It changes perspectives.

Jenny said...

Hi Andy,
I even reed once that we choose our partner on the way he or she smelles. We are not aware of it but we smell the chemical structure of the body and know it will or will not fit for making children together. And I have to tell you that I even adore the smell of my partner without perfume!