Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Perfume journey

Sometimes when I work on a perfume I get a new idea for another perfume. I'm still working on my "white flower" perfume and try to find an ambery note for it. I tried Coriander already what's really nice with the white flowers. I also wanted to try Celleryseed but I don't have order it yet so I tried the Selleryleaf that I have, it's a green leafy dark sharp note. But this note didn't work with it. I tried to ad a leathery note with a little bit of birch tar; not to much because this oil can be skin sensitive. After that I added some Gardenia. Both didn't work for the perfume I had in mind, but I found out that Gardenia smells real good with the leathery note. So that's a new idea for another perfume, maybe together with peach because that's also nice with gardenia. Perfume making is a wonderful journey.


Anonymous said...

I think that you could try to add to your perfume , that of white flowers and amber,ylang ylang to make it more warm and sensual.

Jenny said...

Hi Anonymous,Yes Ylang Ylang would be nice with it, thank you.