Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Finally it's spring! The Hyacinths are putting there head out the ground and promise to give there fragrances soon. I can't wait to smell all the blooming flowers in my garden again, like the Snowball(Viburnum) I love to make a perfume with that scent, the Jasmine, the Roses and the Honeysuckle.
I wish I had a Magnolia tree in my garden because I started 4 years ago to make a perfume based on Magnolia for my sister in law she loved it, it's sweet and fresh at the same time, I'm still working on it because it needs more staying power and until now I can't find out how to do that without changing the perfume to much.
I will talk about that and all the other perfumes I'm working on later.
Enjoy the spring!

The beautiful picture is from ptj.rozeta.com

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