Saturday, March 18, 2006

Gala Loewe

I like to buy perfume but because it can be expensive I also like to buy miniatures, that way I can study them and don't have to buy the whole bottle. Every time I try a different perfume, but I have so many that I didn't try them all yet. So I can overlook some beautiful perfumes. Last time I found a sublime perfume: Gala Loewe. I'm in love with it. Every time I smell my wrist and the only thing I can say is: Ahhh and MMM! The bottle is a beauty, it's night blue with gold. The bottle is inspired by the dress of Infanta on the painting Las Meninas painted by Velasquez. The fragrance opens with fresh crisp citrus notes and some green notes. It has flowery notes of roses, jasmine, ylang ylang and lilly of the valley. The fragrance start fresh and flowery but the end is so wonderful warm, spicy, dry, ambery and sweet animalic. I can smell the spiciness of clove and bay threw the flowernotes. It has absolutely animalic notes what shimmers threw the whole fragrance. I can smell patchouli that gives a perfect match with the lilly of the valley. I think I smell also Chinese cinnamon that's a sweet dark cinnamon scent. The fragrance is complex and is not explored in just one sniff, it invites you to sniff deep threw the whole fragrance. It's not just a perfume it's an experience.


katiedid said...

Oh this sounds lovely - I am not familiar with any of the Loewes, but the lovely flacon for Gala has caught my eye before when I've spied it once or twice on eBay. Your description is mouthwatering.

As a side note, I think my most favorite thing about that particular painting is the way the adults have been included into it in such a sneaky interesting manner. The parents in the mirror, and the teacher standing at the back in the doorway... and of course, the artist placing himself there so darkly on the side, but still noticable. It's such a fun painting to take in for all the detail :)

Jenny said...

Hi Katie,
Just try the perfume and let me know what you think. And yes the painting is lovely and keeps you interest every time because of all the details in it.