Monday, March 13, 2006

My head up in the sky

Yesterday I had a lovely walk with my husband. It was cold but sunny. The nature here is beautiful but the whole time I was looking at the sky it was like a painting it felt like the sky was real nearby and the color was so clear blue with white powdery clouds. Lucky I had a camera with me so I can share the pictures with you. The Netherlands is cold sometimes but I love the seasons.


Cait Shortell said...

These photos are sublime. I think I will be visiting Rotterdam next week to see a friend. I live in Alaska now and haven't been to the Netherlands since 1989 when I was a student there. These photos remind me of the beauty.
Good luck with your exploration of perfume!

Jenny said...

Hi Cait, it is beautiful here. I hope it will be sunny next week when you visit the Netherlands. I reed on your blog that you will visiting Paris also. I envy you! Have a nice trip and enjoy your perfume smelling in France.