Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fresh sea breeze and a melon cocktail Part 2

Enjoying the beautiful weather and sitting in my garden, I spent the last days on the creation of my perfume that I mentioned before in this post. It's perfect to smell and study my creations outdoors, so I'd taken all my smelling strips with me and sat in the garden to study them. I changed some notes of the perfume with the fresh sea breeze and melon cocktail fragrance. I added less Ylang and Rosemary and added some Helional; a fresh, ozonic, green, melonlike note and Phenyl acetaldehyde dimethyl acetal ; a powerful fresh bittergreen note. These notes are working very well on this fragrance but I'm still not satisfied. I still find the smell to sweet so I will reduce the honeysuckle and again the Ylang I also want to try Amyl salicylate to rounding of the notes of Lavender and like to try a fresh "white" musk to enhance the fresh feeling of the fragrance. O and I changed the mandarin red into a green mandarin what is a perfect note for this fragrance. I will keep you informed about the following experiments.

The paintings could be found on the site:

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