Tuesday, May 16, 2006


When I came home from work tonight on my bike I was surprised by the wonderful smell in the air. There is something special in the air at night. I smelled a sweet hay note and sometimes a sweet note with a kind of bergamot scent. It's nice to smell every time something different when I passed another flower. I sniffed the whole way back to home.

The flowers I enjoy the most right now are the Viburnum Snowball and Lilac. The Viburnum Snowball is so fragrant you can smell it from far away. It possesses a sweet indolic flowery note together with notes of Clove, Hay, Honeysuckle, Narcissus, Elderflower(mmm love that one also) and some green notes. I wish there was an absolute of this flower, but I never found it. I can't find information on her volatile compounds either. Please let me know if you found something.

The lovely fragrance of the Lilac is sweet but also intense. It is fresh but has a powdery background. It possesses notes of Indol(animal, fecal!!), Terpineol(fresh lilac), Phenylethyl alcohol(a rosy green note), Heliotropine(smells a bit like almond and vanilla) and notes reminding of Jasmine, Clove and Carnation. There is a difference in the purple and white variations, the white Lilacs smell more sultry and Indolic, the purple Lilacs have a more fresh and cool note.

I think the notes of Viburnum Snowball and Lilac on their own could be to overwhelming in a perfume, but it would be lovely notes to combine with others.

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