Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Michael Storer fragrances

Michael Storer was so kind to sent me samples of his three fragrances. And I love to tell you all how amazing they are. Michael is learning me and the members of my Yahoo group a lot about the wonderful craft of perfume making. He is so kind to share all he know and is willing to help us where he can. Now that I smelled his fragrances I understand that he really know what he's talking about. Here are my reviews of his three fragrances:


The description Michael Storer gives is: Monk evokes the profound enigma of masculinity. It exudes unbridled sexuatlity entwined with a quest for spirit.

To me it's a fragrance that 'warm up' your skin. It's like your skin breath out a warming scent. Monk is an all over sensual scent that possesses notes of musk, civet, tabac, frankincense, leather, ambergris, sandalwood, tonka, galbanum and bergamot.

The start is green warm and a bit herby immediately followed by a soft warm woody ambery and musky scent. The dry down has some sweet notes without being cloying I smell something that reminds me of coconut and vanilla.

It smells wonderful on the skin of my husband and he loves it, it's his favorite.

Il giardino

A fragrance for a lazy sunday morning like Michael Storer had in mind. It's perfect for a day when you like to unwind and just relax. I could imagine you would wear Il giardino when you want to go outside on a warm sunny day.

It possesses notes of grapefruit, bergamot, cassis, musk, violet leaves, vanilla bean. The topnote is wonderful it possesses fresh fruity notes that reminds me of the smell of a honey melon together with citrus and green notes. These notes are warmed up with warm notes of musk and vanilla. To me it's a perfect feel good fragrance.


This is my favorite! I love the way it's fresh but warm. It's difficult to explain this scent. The notes are: mountain fresh air, rare woods of the tropic, castoreum and musk. And it's true it starts with notes of mountain fresh air, but I can't say that it's just a fresh fragrance. It is light and at the same time warm and sensual.

Djin is very very subtle, it's like you've been conquerord by a lover without knowing it.

I know that Michael Storer is working on a fragrance for women and can't wait to smell this one!


colombina said...

" you've been conquerord by a lover without knowing it"- that is such a wonderful description!

Jenny said...

Hi Colombina.
For me it's difficult to write down my thoughts because I don't write in my own language. I'm glad you liked the discription I wasn't sure I used the right words to expres what I ment.

katiedid said...

Oooof, these all sound wonderful... I think I may have missed an oppotunity to try them on the POL board, but now I am so wishing I might sample them soon! I tend to wear masculine scents well, depending on the scent, so I am thoroughly tempted by your descriptions!

Jenny said...

Hi Katie,
Yes they are wonderful all three of them. You should try them! I don't mind that the perfumer call it a masculine or feminine fragrance it's just up to you. I like some masculine fragrances as well.
Just go to the website of Mike Storer and ask for samples I'm sure he will send it to you. You could help to make his fragrances to be known by more people by writing a review.