Thursday, May 11, 2006

Andy Tauer perfumes

Andy Tauer is a self-taught perfumer from Switzerland. I love to read his blog Tauerperfumes where he share his thoughts and dreams. Andy is an open friendly man and is willing to share some tips on the making of perfume with me. Recently he send me samples of the two perfumes he made both based on the scents of Morocco, after smelling these perfumes my respect for him is growing deeper and deeper.

Le Maroc pour elle

This perfume is full of the scent of Morocco, based on the Moroccan rose in dawn and the sensual note of Jasmine. Layered on a base of cedar and patchouli.

The first impression is a fresh citrus blend with a hint of lavender. The jasmine is announcing herself with a warm honeyed indolic scent. The rose to me is a full bodied red rose, warm sweet and a bit spicy. The fragrance has a sweet note that does remind me of rosewater that is used so often in the Arabian world.

This perfume is so complex and well balanced that the fragrance develops slowly on my skin and surprises me every time I smell it, it looks like this perfume is alive on my skin and is telling me a story of an Arabian night with the air full of sultry blossoms. Le Maroc pour elle is an oriental fragrance with a velvety sweet note that is perfect for a romantic evening.

L'Air du desert Moroccan

This is my favorite! I was pleasantly surprised by this fragrance. I sprayed it on my wrist and it hits my attention immediately. I couldn't stop to smell my wrist, it's wonderful! It has all the notes I love.

L'Air du desert Moroccan is an unisex fragrance that is inspired by the fragrant world of the Maghreb desert with his changing scents and lights. It possesses notes of petitgrain, coriander, cumin, jasmine, cedar, the ambery note of Ciste(rock rose), vetiver and vanilla.

I love the scent of cumin combined with cedar that is dominant in this perfume, it has a spice topnote with a powdery woody background. The spicy notes will bring you to the markets in Morocco full of spices. I adore the powdery woody ambery background, it's sensual and soft perfectly matching the spicy notes of the cumin. And like the Le Maroc pour elle, it lasts and lasts on your skin. It is really an unisex fragrance I love it but my husband is in love with it as well. So we both gone wear this fragrance like we do with other fragrances too; see this post.

You can find these fragrances at the shop of Andy Tauer and at Lucky Scent

There is a new fragrance coming out soon; "The Lonestar memories" a leather based perfume. I know that Andy is working on a orangeblossom fragrance as well and hope that it will come out soon because I love that fragrance and I want to smell his interpretation of it.


Heather said...

Also if you are in the Uk - from me....and Le Maroc is my favourite


Jenny said...

Hi Heather, Le Maroc is beautiful too and so wonderful complex, it's a perfect creation, but it didn't hit me like the L'air du desert Moroccan did. It was like a shock!

I think I like the spicyness in L'air du desert Moroccan so much and I love Chypre kind of perfumes and I think it is a kind of Chypre.

I didn't understand what you ment by: "if you are in the UK".

Heather said...


Eie Flud is the distributor for Andy's perfumes in the UK - so if any British readers want Andys perfumes or samples then they should email/call me.


Jenny said...

Yes that's right I forgot. Good thing you told it here.