Friday, May 19, 2006

My love for Galbanum

Almost every perfume I like contain the beautiful note of Galbanum. Like Chanel no 19, Must de Cartier, Vent Vert, Cabochard etc. I love the fragrance of it. It's a green soft warm note and used in perfumes to make it more natural and give them a leafy green note. The perfume Vent Vert by Balmain is famous because of the big amount of Galbanum. The perfumer Germaine Cellier used Galbanum on a different way as the other perfumers did. She didn't used it to compliment the other notes but used the Galbanum as a part of the whole fragrance. She used a big amount of the Galbanum like no one ever did before. Galbanum is lovely in combination with Hyacinth but also with Muquet kind of fragrances. It will give a natural green feeling to perfumes. Like in Must de Cartier it's perfect in oriental fragrances as well because of the warm green smell that contain some balsamic notes. But it's also used in Fougere and Chypre perfumes, it's a perfect note to combine with almost everything.

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