Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm just a curious creature that likes to create

When you're a child you wonder about all the things around you and want to discover everything. I remember me as a child that always danced, I loved music and so did my mother. I danced on music from Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven and especially Tchakowski. When I heard the music I saw a complete dance before my eyes, I dreamed of choreographing the balletdancers. It felt like some parts of the music had to be danced a certain way, the music was demanding it. Dancing always gave and still give me a lot of power I forgot the difficult time I had, it's like another dimension it's like you go out of your body and something else takes over, your real you.

I loved to play the piano as well and always tried to make my own music. My mother sewed much of my clothes and later on I learned to sew my own clothes, it's so fulfilling to make something of almost nothing and let your creativity lead you to make things special. I learned my self later on to design my clothes and make the patrons my self. This way I could make all the clothes I dreamed of.

In all parts of my live I liked to create things, later on I designed my garden and played with the colors and fragrances of the flowers, I liked to make a garden where all your senses could be stimulated. I dreamed of wonderful combinations of the colors of the flowers.

It's not that of a surprise that I started to create perfumes at one time. It's because I'm a curious creature that likes to create. By creating perfumes I can use all my creativity and curiosity. Every time that I'm experimenting with fragrances I'm so curious how some scents work together, sometimes I'm disappointed but there are also happy moments that I feel like I found something really wonderful. These moments give me hope to go on even if it's a long way. It can be a long way to make the perfume exactly like you had in mind but it is a wonderful journey! I wouldn't miss it for the world.


Sali said...

Hi, Jenny. This is the prettiest blog I've ever seen. There are lots of perfumes I've never heard of here as well. All the best to you with your perfume making--I'll be checking in. :-)

Jenny said...

Hi Sali, thank you so much. I like your blog as well and placed the link on this blog.

katiedid said...

A big ♥ to you, Jenny. I really admire those with the gumption and guts to try perfume making on their own. A lovely post and toast to creativity.

Jenny said...

Cheers and a big hug to you too Katie! It don't feel like guts it's just my way to expres and feed my creativity. I do what I like to do most.