Sunday, May 28, 2006

A scented sunday

Today I visited my grandma, my grandma is 93 years old and still have a clear mind. She can't walk anymore because of a failed churgery of her bag and sitting in a wheelchair but she is always full of humor and still interested in everything that happens in the world. I think that's really important to keep your mind that bright, being interested in everything and training your brain by reading and not to forget the humor, what is live without humor.
The rest of the day was for my perfume making. I worked on my Fougere once again but am not satisfied with the result, I find it to soapy I have to find out what makes it smell like that. I tried to make a Viburnum Snowball base as well, I used an Elderflower scent as the basematerial together with Clove, Cashmeran and Benzyl iso Eugenol and a Narcissus and Honeysuckle scent. It smell real nice but I need to reduce some of the scents, but I have hope the result is close to the real scent of the Viburnum. I also testing some of the new chemicals I received from Quest. I have all kinds of scentstrips around me. I smell them individual and together with other notes. You will not believe the wonderful smell around me. What a wonderful hobby I have!

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