Sunday, July 02, 2006

A different approach

Today I used a different way to create the fragrance that is based on magnolia and white flowers. See other posts about this fragrance here and here. I started with the basic notes I had in mind and added alcohol and put this base(phase 1) on a smelling strip. After that I put another oil in the same bottle and dipped the smelling strip in it and named it phase 2, after that another oil phase 3 until I had 8 smelling strips. This way I can see how the different oils fit in the fragrance, if there is to much of it in it or that it don't fit in it. I know that the formula isn't accurate this way but it gives me an idea how the different components work together. After bottle one, I go on with bottle two with all the information in mind I learned from the first bottle. And start to experiment again with 8 different smelling strips. I think this method learned me the impact of the oils and is a nice way to control the formula.


andy said...

Dear Jenny
I work pretty much the same way, too. Even when first writing the formula in Excel, I continously after addition of each next note (starting from the backend, i.e. the base notes) I see on paper strips how the scent develops. And I come back later, after an hour or so to see how they continue developing. this is an excellent way of learning how individual scents behave in an environment and how the interact.

Jenny said...

Hi Andy,
I normally use another way; I write down the formula that I created in my head and start blending, after that I smell the result and take another bottle and make the changes I think is nessecarly, then another bottle with other changes etc. This way I can compare the different formula's I think it's important to study some formula's after it has matured some notes will change after maturing like some gardenia notes or exaltolide for example. To use different bottles give me a way to look back at the origional formula I had in mind. The problem is that I sometimes ad more than one fragrance compount in the next bottle so I can't find out what note did make the changes.
The way that I discribed in my post really show how different compounts react with eighother.