Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sweet Pea

Oh don't you love the smell of Sweet pea? I found a formula of it in an old book:

Sweet Pea

Benzylidenaceton 60 gram
Phenyletyl acetate 15 gram
Heliotropine 60 gram
Vanilline 15 gram
Terpineol 200 gram
Hydroxycitronellal 75 gram
Phenylacetaldehyde 75 gram
Jasmin base 35 gram
Rose bulgarian 10 gram
Neroli base 50 gram
Benzyl acetate 20 gram
Tolu balsam 65 gram
Cananga oil Java 25 gram
Iso Eugenol 5 gram
Eugenol 2 gram

From the book: Handbuch der gesamten parfumerie und kosmetik.
Dr. Fred Winter 1942
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Cait Shortell said...

Oh, I love sweet pea. The formula sounds complex. Every spring I swear I'll plant them. Maybe next spring!

Jenny said...

Hi Cait, they are lovely! I didn't start yet to try the formula but I will try it some time, first I need the Benzylidenaceton, I don't have it yet.