Thursday, July 13, 2006

Blooming roses

The roses in my garden are blooming, there are a lot of different roses in my garden. I love the tender smell of it. Strangely enough I sometimes don't like the scent of rose in a perfume. The roses in my garden have a tender smell light soft and sweet like it reflects the soft velvety feeling of their petals, some of them have a honey note but it's still tender. I prefer the tender smells of rose above the heavy smell of some of them. I do love heavy smelling flowers though like the jasmin in my garden, it's not blooming anymore but I made a picture of it when it was full of jasmin flowers:
The fragrance of the jasmin is relieved in the evening, it's an overwhelming sensual scent the opposite of the tender scent of the roses.

Below a lovely poem by Monica Engeler with pictures of the roses from my garden:

The Rose

A beautiful red rose stands alone
Each petal is flawless on its stem
And perfuming a scent all its own

Something so perfect can not die
It is an elegant gift from nature
But a rose survives only for a time

Sad that such a blossom will wilt away
One can count the blades as they drop
One, two, three perish on the overlay

For each leaf that falls, a heart is broken
The rose bears a powerful magic
A demeanor that is not easily forgiven

Love and beauty are its arrogance
Never doubt the potencies of a rose
It is the favor of everlasting romance

At last the final flake dies on the tray
The flowers beauty ended sorrowfully
As a teardropp washed it slowly away.

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