Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Kiwi and chocolate

I always like to experiment and that's why I ask people what kind of fragrance they would like. I asked my colleague what kind of perfume she would like and she told me that it would have notes of peach, gardenia, kiwi, ylang ylang, dark chocolate, honey, vanilla and coconut.
For the fun I made a photo composition of the notes:

For the chocolate note I used a cacao absolute and an aroma chemical with a chocolate note and for the kiwi note I used Styralyl acetate that has a kiwi/rhubarb note and is sometimes used in gardenia as well. For the peach note I used Aldehyde C14. The honey note is from a honey absolute and Ethyl phenyl acetate. I used a patchouli and benzoin note as well and a real warm sweet amber note to warm it up. To sweeten the fragrance I used benzyl salicylate and vanilla.

I thought the chocolate note would be too much but smelling it I can't detect the chocolate so I will make another formula with more chocolate notes. I don't want to make it a chocolate fragrance but I think it could have more of it. The combination of gardenia and chocolate is real nice. The fragrance turned out to be a dark warm fragrance with a bit of flowery fruity notes. I will keep on experimenting with it because it could turn out real nice.

I would love to hear from you what your favorite fragrance would smell like and what kind of notes it would have.


andy said...

Hi Jenny, have you tried adding some Decatone for the green kiwi scent? How about adding a touch of ambrein to the chocolate absolute (might lift it up a little bit).

The coconut.....I wonder about it...imagine that 's not easy (tonka beans with vanillin maybe..) I am glad I do not have to make gardenia kiwi's...that's demanding. Your are a tough girl.

Jenny said...

Hi Andy,
I didn't know Decatone but I googled for it and found out it has a rhubarb and citrus woody note. I don't know if it's right for the kiwi note because it has a rhubarb note already and I want to ad a sweet green note maybe an apple kind note or hexyl hexanoate or.... there are so many.
I know your love for ambrein and I still don't have it, I will order it soon. For the coconut I used Aldehyde C18, there is a coconut absolute as well I would love to try that one.

Asma said...

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Jenny said...

Hi Asma,
Nice to hear you like the blog.