Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lavender recipe's

The lavender is growing right now so I like to give you some recipe's. First a cream cheese pie with lavender, you have to try this one it's to die for:

Cream cheese pie with lavender honey

Tea biscuit's 250 grams
Melted butter 75 grams
3 Tables spoons fresh lavender wrapped in a cotton bag
Lavender honey 180 grams
whipped cream 300 ml
cream cheese 250 grams

And this is how you make it:
Crumble the biscuits and put the melted butter on it. Put it in a backingvorm and push it a bit flat with the back of a spoon. Place it in the refrigerator.
Mix 2 and a half tablespoons boiled water with 2 tea spoons of the lavender honey and hang the cotton bag with the lavender in it for 15 minutes.
Put in another bowl the cream cheese and the rest of the lavender honey. Mix it well until it's smooth.
whip the whipped cream and put it carefully through the cream cheese put it on the biscuits and let it stand for three to four hours in the refrigerator.

Here an old recipe of lavender water:

Lavender water

Lavender 45 drops
Rose Bulgaria 1 drop
Lemon 5 drops
Clove 5 drops
Petit Grain 5 drops
Neroli 1 drop
Alcohol 96 % 40 ml
Rosewater 10 ml.

A recipe of a lavender air freshener:

Blue wonder

Lavender 20 drops
Lemon 10 drops
Bergamot 10 drops
Lime 5 drops
Grapefruit 5 drops
Blend these oils with 10 ml alcohol 70 % and 30 ml purified water, put it in a spray bottle and shake well before use.

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Marie said...

Hello, Jenny! I'm a long type fan of your blog though I've never commented it before.
Today I've tried your formula of the Blue Wonder. When I added water into the alcohol solution of EOs, the mixture became turbid - actually, it became almost white in colour. It is a normal reaction? :)