Sunday, June 11, 2006

First Love

Friday I went to a perfumery store to buy a perfume for my dear girlfriend. I was looking for something new or at least a sensual fragrance. I tried all the new fragrances and I have to say I was disappointed, no one touched me at all. They owned nice notes but they didn't make a statement if you now what I mean. It was like they were made real fast to make money. I decided to buy a classical Must de Cartier because I'm sure she will love it.
There was one new fragrance that touched me though: First Love by van Cleef & Arpels, it's a lovely fragrance. The bottle is amethyst-colored and does have the same shape as the original First. It's a floral oriental fragrance with notes of grain of paradise, osmanthus and mandarin, peony, ylang-ylang and orchid and in the base amber crystal and vanilla sap. It's true it's a floral oriental but with the wonderful spicy note of grain of paradise that lingers through the whole fragrance. The orchid note is dominant as well in this lovely fragrance. The color of the bottle reflect the fragrance perfectly.
The photo is from:

Wednesday at this blog: an interview with the perfumer Mike Storer!


Victoria said...

That bottle is gorgeous!!! I want to try this one. I used to own First, but it was a gift and wasn't really me.

Jenny said...

Hi Victoria,
This one is different, just try it.

perfumey said...

hello. great blog you have! i always enjoy stopping by and reading whats new. i finally started my own perfume blog - and added a link to your blog on my "blogroll"! i'd really appreciate a link back from your blog...but in any case, keep up the good blogging!

katiedid said...

This First Love sounds *exactly* like something my sister would wear well. I will have to track down a tester of this and make her be my guinea pig for it ;)

I'd never heard of grain of paradise before - that's a great link, thanks.

Jenny said...

Perfumey, thank you for adding my blog on your perfumey blog, I will ad your blog on mine as well.

Hi Katie, I never heard of grain of paradise as well, but it smells lovely.