Friday, June 23, 2006

Wild Rose

Everyday I pass a street with Wild Roses/ Dog Rose (Rosa canina) the fragrance of these roses are a delight. The color of the rose is amazing I picked one and put my nose right in it and let the fragrance take me away I touched the velvety soft petals and all I could feel is joy pure joy. It inspire me to make a perfume base of this delightful smell. It will not be a perfume but a base to use in a perfume formula like I do with the Viburnum.
I try to analyze the fragrance every day I pass the roses. It smells fresh deep and I even can detect a grass note(cis-3-hexen-1-ol ?). The most important components of rose are Phenylethyl alchohol, Citronellol and Geraniol. But I smell an odor of Rhodinol and Nerol as well. Rhodinol has a sweet rosy fragrance with some powdery notes, it natural occurs in geranium and citronella oils. I think I can smell a note of geranyl acetate as well this note has a fruity rosy smell and natural occurs in neroli and palmarosa. I will use some palmarosa and geranium essential oil as well and maybe beta ionone, beta damascone, Eugenol and of course rose absolute. Now I have to find out how much of each ingredient I will use.


Victoria said...

ooh, I want some of THAT! lol

Jenny said...

Hi Victoria,

I know what you mean, these roses smell so wonderful. That's why I wanted to capture their scent, by recreating it.