Saturday, July 21, 2007

Waiting patiently

The concentration of my perfume inspired by the painting 'The Kiss' is patiently waiting to mature. The fragrant materials need to 'pare' with each other to become a new whole, I put it in a dark and cool place to mature. I made the concentration last Monday so it's already maturing for a couple of days. I didn't added the alcohol yet, I will add it next weekend. First the concentration need to mature for a while without the alcohol.

I like the color of the concentration, it's nice brown red. I didn't change the notes that I used last time, only added some small amounts of different notes to compliment the other notes, like just a tiny bit of cumin and a little bit of orange blossom absolute. Orange blossom absolute is something I like to use in almost every creation it seems, it's nice with the tolu balsam in this case and it combines wonderful with the bergamot and lead the citrus notes into the heart notes, giving it a more flowery note.

Now I have to wait patiently and will work on my perfume based on magnolia a bit more. The other perfume I sent in for the first 'Perfume Swap' needs to wait for tweaking, because I need to wait for the materials that I ordered for this perfume. So that comes later, while waiting for the materials I will work on my perfume based on magnolia, a perfume that I already worked on a couple of years ago, but that is still not finished, although it's coming close now.


Andy said...

Are you waiting patiently? I am never patient enough and always dilute a little bit to get an impression already. Of course, it will change with maturation, but a little glimpse on things to come....
Fragrant wishes for your waiting time!

Jenny said...

Dear Andy,

Hahaha, no of course I'm not waiting patiently, but the concentration is patiently waiting to mature, I was not talking about myself.LOL

Fragrant wishes back to you.

Andy said...

hehehe...yes I know!

chayaruchama said...

Two of my favorite people ,
[And only one of whom I've been able to embrace, YET]
I've gotta ask :

A dear friend, who makes some very good jus,poo-poos the whole maturation/waiting thing...

Says that, over the years, he's tried it 'every which way' and sees no appreciable difference.

It should be noted that he uses very good materials, and has been blending for years.

Tell me your thoughts, you two beauties...

Jenny said...

Lieve Chaya,

I've heard that from more people, but I can assure you that a 'fresh' made perfume smells different than a matured perfume. I've heard that different molecules are blending real quickly, even in seconds, but my nose tells me different. Some materials like some Aldehydes and some musks needs time to blend in the perfume.
Just my two cents.


chayaruchama said...

Thank you for your input, dearheart.
I can always rely on your honesty-
a lovely trait, vastly underrated...

Liefs !