Sunday, July 08, 2007

Some more hope for 'The Kiss'

It's one week ago that I started to panic about my Swap perfume inspired by 'The Kiss'. In the mean time I tried many different versions of this perfume. I added more bergamot the last time and I like it, but I used a bit less this time and added some lemon as well. I decided that I wanted to use more Labdanum absolute and no Iso E Super because I find the Iso E Super too linear for this fragrance, I also used some ciste oil. There was some dark sweetness missing in this fragrance, I already used benzoin and tolu, which gives the fragrance wonderful balsamic warm notes.

But I wanted to deepen these notes, so I added some cinnamon, that was just what it needed. I used cinnamon cassia which gives not only a spicy but also a warm note. I also added coumarin to give it more warm sweetness. I wanted to give this fragrance a warm glow of amber, because of the golden colors of this painting. The sandalwood represents the embracing and the iris represents the pale skin of the woman on the painting. The combination of iris and sandalwood is lovely, I decided to use a bit more iris. I used some different musks and civet to give it a warm animalic note. To give the whole fragrance a mysterious glow I added a dash of aldehyde. I'm glad I'm going in the right direction again with this perfume. The last time my husband didn't like it, and he is always very honest, but this time he loved it, so that gives me hope again. I'm only a bit sad that I'm a bit late with my fragrance, it's not finished yet and it also has to mature for a couple of weeks. I have to send it in before 15 August.


andy said...

Jenny, this sounds truly intriguing. I love cinnamon and the combination of this spice with Coumarin works very well, for sure. Especially when combined with balmy notes such as tolu and a touch iris.
Good luck, this sounds like a winner to me!

Jenny said...

Dear Andy,

It is a lovely combination indeed. Tolu is very nice, it's balmy but somehow it reminds me a bit of orange blossom as well. It's nice with the coumarin but also with the Benzoin in this fragrance. Thank you for the encouraging words.

chayaruchama said...

I'm with Andy on this, Jenny.
Glad you left out the Iso E, too.
I'm all a-tingle with excitement over the sound of this...

All in good time [ even if late ] !

Liefs !

Jenny said...

Dear Chaya,

Glad to hear you like the sound of this fragrance, I still have to work on it some more, and I'm sure it will not be finished completly when I send it in. Of course this experiment is to learn more from the other members of the group and get advice to improve the fragrance, but I want to send in a perfume that at least come close to what I had in mind.

Did you ever smell Iso E Super?

Liefs terug!