Thursday, July 19, 2007

Crazy diamond

Smell is a powerful thing to trigger an emotion. It's amazing how a scent can bring back memories, how it can change the state of your mind. Some perfumes just smell nice, but some of them are so powerful and intriguing, you want to smell these perfumes over and over again. You can't stop smelling your wrist, to bring back this emotion or memory, or to find out what it is that gives you this thrill. But somehow I never found a perfume that gave me the same emotions as music can give to me. Music can take me trough all kinds of emotions with only one song. It takes me up and down, from left to right. I'm not sure that it's more powerful than scent but it has more levels of emotions. I can loose myself when hearing a good song and even can start to cry because of it, without knowing why, I never had this with a perfume.

When you smell something it's direct, music on the other hand takes you slowly on a journey, it's not as direct as scent. Slowly the emotions are coming forward and getting stronger while the part is playing on. It can pass away a bit and can come back even stronger. There is a song by Pink Floyd called 'Shine on you crazy diamond', which gives me very strong emotions. Sometimes I don't want to listen to it because it is too powerful. It's a song with many different levels of emotions inside of it, but all very strong. I want to create a perfume that gives me the same emotions, with all these different levels of emotions. I discussed this on my 'Perfume making' group and one member said to me that I could try it, and that is what I'm going to do. It will not be a 'happy' perfume but a very powerful emotional perfume. It would be a difficult project, but I love to try it.


Noteworthy Fragrances said...

That is just the most adorable picture you've ever posted. I can just hear that kitty say, "want to smell my wrist!" lol How is the tweaking of The Kiss coming along? It really sounds like a wonderfully complex fragrance. Please keep us informed on the progress.


Jenny said...

Dear Joyce,

Isn't the kitty cute? I will keep you informed about 'The Kiss', tomorrow I will write another post about it.

chayaruchama said...

Lieve Jenny-
My DH is a big PF fan, and I just 'tapped his brain 'on this.
No wonder you have such powerful associations.

For me, I'm hard-wired both ways.
Every nuance brings about a song, or a scent, or both.
The two are so enmeshed for me.

At present, I'm needing musky comfort and primal associations- singing liturgical music from all sorts of sources [ Jewish, Baptist, etc.]

Loving you, and hoping we will meet sooner than we know.

Dkke kus !

Jenny said...

Lieve Chaya,

Gladly my DH is a big Pink Floyd fan too, we love to play it in the car when we have to drive far. It's not for everyone, I know, some people find it too powerful, but I just love it.

I wish you comfortable times, with music and with scent. Hope to meet you soon too.