Sunday, July 01, 2007


I'm still working on the 'swap perfume' that I will send in for the swap that we're doing on my Yahoo group: 'Perfume making', I posted about my other attempts before. We are going to create a perfume based on the painting The Kiss. I want to create a perfume based on ambery notes like Labdanum absolute, and Iso E Super, woody notes like Sandalwood, a powdery Iris note, Rose and spicy Carnation notes and sweet musky notes. I wanted to ad a fresh top note to my creation. So I added a huge amount of Bergamot, what works real fine with the ambery woody notes of this perfume. But it's still not right, it's just not it. I added other notes as well but ruined the whole composition. I'm a bit frustrated right now, because I have to hurry to have the perfume done on time, but somehow it doesn't work. It's nice to create a perfume, but you have to have a strong confidence in yourself to not let you down by creations like this. I'm happy I don't work for a large perfume company and have to deal with deadlines all the time. It's time to start all over again........sigh.


chayaruchama said...

Lieve Jenny,
I'm so sorry !
Rushing can ruin our best efforts sometimes.
How frustrating.


Anonymous said...

The Kiss was the painting I choose for my creation course at ISIPCA (12 years ago), I imagined an ambery-chypre note. It seems you created a lipstick-violet-orris floral with an ambery dry-down : Mandarine blends well with ambery notes, sometimes a hint of thyme. I hope it helps.

Jenny said...

Hi Chaya,

It is frustrating indeed, it's not good to rush yourself in perfume making, however it's good sometimes to have some sort of push, to go on to finish it. We'll see if it's going to work, I'm not giving up yet.

Kus terug!

Jenny said...

Hi anonymous(sorry don't know your name),

I can imagine an ambery-chypre fragrance with this painting. Did you all had to create a perfume based on a painting like we do on the group? Yes thyme can do miracles, like it's used in Mitsouko as well, but you need just a hint to get the effect. It's not a real lipstick-violet-orris kind of fragrance I think, it's more ambery. Sweet, but more dark sweet, a bit woody ambery oriental not real sweet powdery. Do you still create perfumes? I would love to smell your interpretation of The Kiss.