Thursday, September 07, 2006

Update on the surgery of my husband

Well my husband had the surgery on his back last Tuesday, and it all went well. 6 hours after the surgery he was able to walk and one day later so on Wednesday he already went home!!! Can you believe it? Now he still has some pain and doesn't walk so well but that takes time. We hope it all turn out well.

Remember my question in the post about what scents could be used for perfumes and which don't? See here.
I never thought there would be a perfume made with the smell of cheese, but there is... there is a perfume called Eau de Stilton and it's based on the smell of Stilton cheese. The perfume re-creates the earthy and fruity aroma of Blue Stilton cheese. Using grape seed as a carrier oil, the Stilton scent features a symphony of natural base notes including Yarrow, Angelica seed, Clary Sage and Valerian. I'm curious about the smell of it but I can't imagine I would like it though. You can find information about this perfume on the site:


chaya ruchama said...

Lieve Jenny-

You must have read my mind...I'm so relieved that he's doing well .
I kept checking your site to see if you had any news...

It takes awhile to heal- the area feels tighter as the healing begins, that's why it pulls- but soon he should feel much better [take it from a nurse !]...

Dikke kus...

P.S.-Eau de Stilton is one of those that we'd adore smelling [maybe even tasting?] but wouldn't necessarily want to smell like...unless we want to ward off evil spirits !

Jenny said...

Hi Chaya,
Thank you for your concern. My husband has still some pain but that's because the nerves are iritated because of the operation so it takes time to heal. We said to each other that we will look at it from week to week and not day by day. We just have to be patient.

I can't imagine me smelling like Stilton cheese either. Who wants to smell like mold and cheese?