Friday, September 29, 2006

Hobby perfumers

After receiving an email from a lovely woman telling me that she's a hobby perfumer as well and would love to exchange experiments I thought it would be time to tell you about my group at Yahoo: Perfumemaking. It's a friendly group with all kinds of perfumers; hobby perfumers, natural perfumers and perfumers that want to make perfume on a professional basis using naturals and chemicals. We all learn from each other and help each other where we can, it's like a big family.
Perfume making is a lonely hobby in a way, and not everyone understands what you are talking about when you talk about the making of perfumes. This group is a wonderful way to talk to others about what you do and exchange experiments.
Here is the url:


Arnetta said...

Beauty and style coupled with a sweet fragrance can make most men stop and stare at their anonymous encounter. Today perfumes are considered to be the most luxurious and sensuous body fragrance products that create a magical touch.

Fragrance said...

Hi Jenny,

I just spotted your link to the Escentual blog ( and wanted to say cheers for linking to us!

I have just started updating the blog regularly so hopefully lots of people should start checking it out for the new releases.

As soon as I get some links to others sites set up I will get one on there for this blog.

Thanks again,