Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blind smelling

I envy the way Luca Turin can translate into words what he smells. Sometimes when I smell something I can tell exactly what it smells like but sometimes I need days until I found out what it does remind me of. I think it's possible to train yourself in it, I like to smell my materials "blind" and try to find out what kind of material I'm smelling. I pick up a bottle without looking at the label or do it with someone else and ask to give me a bottle without telling me the name. It's funny to smell the material with an open mind and without being prejudged, sometimes I smell nuances of the material I never smelled before. Radio New Zealand did an interview with Luca Turin about smell, the interview is 30 minutes long and very interesting, you can listen to it here:

Have a nice Sunday!


Parfume Moderne said...

When I am in the studio working, my brain is hard wired to my nose. I can roll things off like butter.
When I am making a subjective evaluation, say in a department store, my brain could not find my nose in a matchbox..
I would not make a good critic. Just as perhaps a good critic would be a poor artist.

Jenny said...

That's so true a good critic has nothing to do with being an artist, these are two worlds. I think it isn't even necessary
to recognize all the smells, the way you combine the materials is important in perfumery. The creativity to find new combination of notes.

FrankieCee said...

Very enlightening (for me) interview Jenny. I believe that Luca's explanation of what makes a perfume exquisite, while some are just barely marketable, has opened me up to a whole new position on the synergy that can be created by the proper addition of just the right ingredients. My perspective has been enhanced and I am beginning to see things in a totally different light. I think it may have complicated certain aspects as well, but I think it is all on a bias toward the positive, which is exhilerating. I think I'll keep this interview in my files for inspiration, when things start to become a bit obscured or frustrating, lol. Frank

Jenny said...

Hi Frank it seems like you've seen the light. I liked the interview as well and kept it in my files also.