Thursday, September 21, 2006

Perfume without a name

Yesterday I worked on my Chypre/fruit fragrance. I don't want to change too much because I really like the fragrance as it is I only work on it to enhance some notes or to round things of and deepen some of the notes. Perfectionicing a perfume takes the most work of the whole creation process and needs a lot of patience and time. Every time I need to study the effect of what I have done and be honest about it to myself. Sometimes I found out that I have to keep some notes out of the fragrance, even when I thought in the beginning the fragrance really needed these notes.

A fragrance need complexity but too much complexity makes a perfume without character, it's important to find the balance between complexity and character. The Chypre/fruit fragrance has fruity top notes of Mandarin, Lychee, Pineapple, Neroli and Bergamot decorated with a Brandy note. The heart notes possesses notes of Egyptian Jasmine absolute, Tuberose absolute, Watercress, Rosa Damascena and Violet. The base have notes of Cedar, Iris, Vetiver, Leather, Oak moss and Patchouli.

The fragrance starts fruity with an interesting Brandy note, the heart is fruity flowery in the beginning but soon gets darker because of the Damascena rose, right now I'm working on the rose note to deepen it a bit more, I added the wonderful materials Damascenone and Damascone Delta and I love the effect of it. The base isn't a soft sweet base but a complex woody mossy base that's not hiding in the background but making a real statement through the whole fragrance. I like perfumes that makes a statement, I don't want to make a perfume that just have a pleasant smell I want to create a perfume that triggers a reaction and emotion and I think the Chypre/fruit is doing just that. It's not a girly fruity flowery fragrance but more an adult complex fragrance.

The funny thing is that I never give a name to a fragrance I''m creating, so I will think about a suitable name for it instead of calling it Chypre/fruity.


FrankieCee said...

Hi Jenny, I have been studying the various note accords you have created in your chypre composition. I can detect a light and playful opening, with a tinge of mystery (the brandy?), as it develops it seems to take on an air of maybe warmth with a sensual, sexy nuance which dries down to a aura of earthly pleasure and delight. I thought of a possible name for it. How about, "Fruit of the whine" (whine having the double meaning; wine [the brandy] and whine [as in a lover's "sigh"] just a thought, a playful name for a vivacious scent? Well I tried, lol, Frank

Jenny said...

Hi Frank, well I couldn't discribe it better than you just did. An aura of earthly pleasure and delight, that sounds good.
I didn't know that whine had a double meaning and what do you mean with a lover's sigh? It's a playful name but I'm not sure about the whine thing, it doesn't smell like whine. Maybe something else, Fruit of the....I don't know.

FrankieCee said...

Well you know the old saying: The fruit of the vine, meaning like tomatoes and such, this was supposed to be a "spin-off" of that popular saying, so I changed "vine" for "whine" ( a high-pitched utter) so a "lover's sigh" is similar to a "whine", while you do have some brandy in it and brandy "is" a form of wine, hence, Fruit of the "whine" lol. Hey I'll keep thinking. Ciao!

Jenny said...

Okay Frank keep thinking.

perfume-creed said...
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