Friday, August 11, 2006

Pizza anyone?

I posted a post about gourmand fragrances and this makes me think....What makes it that we want to smell like eatable notes? Some of us like to smell like vanilla, chocolate, almond, coffee, tea, tomato leaf, cognac etc. Why is it that some notes are suitable for perfumes and some are definitely not? Here are some notes I've never seen in perfumes, please tell me if you know a perfume with that note.

Would you like a perfume with a note of:






Tea Biscuits???








Konstantin said...

I am not quite sure that all of these are unsuitable for fragrances - bread for example is said to be the allusion behind Santal Blanc (Serge Lutens), amd corn is also I think used in nutty concosions. For the others, I must agree.

Maybe it is a question of making oneself feel comfortable and that are usually sweet notes - and everything on your list is bitter or salty.

Jenny said...

Hi Konstantin, you are right they're not all unsuitable for fragrances. I love the smell of fresh backed bread and smell it everyday passing a backery, it always makes me think what it would smell like in a fragrance. And what about the tea biscuits, I think there must be a fragrance using it.
I just made the list to compare some gourmand notes. I think no one would smell like onion, pizza or hotdog though. Corn would be an interesting note I think.

Anonymous said...

Check these maybe...
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FrankieCee said...

Well I don't know about you guys, but I recently obtained some "cocao absolute" and I am dying to try it out in some type of fantasy blend, lol. Meanwhile, if it turns out correctly, I'll probably be wanting to "eat" myself everytime a wind should pass me by and I get a renewed whiff of it, LOL. Can you imagine, a real life scenario like "Night of the Living Dead", hahahahaha, too funny.

Zz said...

It is sometimes surprising how an otherwise scent/note etc... can lend to a perfume.
Once, EO's like Fenugreek, carrot seed, parsley, turmeric, cumin and even the stinky Black Currant Bud, were relegated to the back shelf in my studio. I now use them with ease. And never hesitate to try a new thing.
I love cocoa and coffee absolutes together with bitter orange and amber. Coffee abs. and jasmine are nice too.
Tea biscuits, bread and sweet yeasty scents could indeed lend something special. Perhaps a barley malt. The concentrated sugars from barley malt are quite sweet and earthy.