Thursday, August 31, 2006

I can smell again

It's a grey day in The Netherlands. Our summer started so well but the last couple of weeks the weather is rainy. Today there is no sun it's raining a little spit spat but it's not cold. On my bike I enjoyed the weather even. I think it is because I've spend a couple of days at home because I was ill. It felt good to sit on my bike and feel the little tiny drops of rain on my face and smell the fresh clean air mixed with the smell of wet soil and fresh grass.

I'm so happy that I can smell again. I put on my fruity/chypre fragrance and try to find out if it's missing something. Maybe it could use some more bergamot I will try that, I enjoy the smell of bergamot oil it's a delightful smell that brings the sun in your live, something that I could use right now. I tried substitutes for the bergamot oil but nothing smell like the real thing. I like the smell of green mandarin oil as well and will see of that can enhance the fruity note of this fragrance. I don't want to change too much though because the fragrance does smell great how it is right now, I just want to see if I tried everything to make it perfect.

On Tuesday we got the news that my husband will be operated on his hernia next week Tuesday, so on 5 September. I'm happy that it will be done but I'm also very nervous about it. But we both know that he need an operation, he has had a lot of pain and can't do the things he was used to do. I will keep you informed about it next week.


Victoria said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Jenny said...

Hi Vic, me too, I'm so glad that I can smell again and work on my perfumes.

chaya ruchama said...

Hello, Jenny-

I'm glad you feel more like yourself.

I'm sorry that your DH needs surgery- I'll pray that all goes well for you both.

P.S.-I used to live in the Netherlands, and my dearest friends are there... what province or town are you in, can you say?

[I was last in Gelderland a year ago, there were family deaths, and we needed to be together...]

Jenny said...

Hello Chaya, I live in the provence Friesland, a provence where some people speak Fries but I can't speak it. How long did you live in The Netherlands and where?

chaya ruchama said...

Ah, Jenny-
What beautiful cows you have in your province!

I 1972, I lived on a pig farm [what else?] in Limburg, with my girlfriend Mariet and her family.
We lived 10 minutes from Venlo and close to Maaseik.

At that time, I was engaged to marry an educational psychologist and photographer from Groningen, so I was always on the road...

2 years later, we broke up- but my love affair with the Netherlands never did.

We have maintained our friendship for 37 years- not easy to do when you live so far apart !

Jenny said...

Wow 37 years that's a real long time. It must be a good friendship. I like the provence Limburg I have family there as well. Which year did you leave the Netherlands?

chaya ruchama said...

I lived there for two years, left in '74, came back to visit every few years...

My girlfriends are known as the "tantes" by my sons, and are as close as blood relatives.
They used to be pedagogues at the Edith Stein school. [They've been in Enschede now for years]

I love Limburg...
They teased me so badly when I visited Groningen, because I spoke the dialect, and everyone thought that was funny, an American with a Limburgse dialect !

Jenny said...

That must have sound really funny. The Limburgse dialect sounds so funny and also so friendly.

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