Friday, August 04, 2006

Sexy fragrances

What kind of fragrances are sexy, and why are they sexy? When thinking about sexy scents we think easily about the musk, civet and amber, the animal scents. They have a warm scent that reminds you of the warmth and smell of your own skin.

Animal scents have some similarity to human body odor. But we don't want to smell like body odor do we? We want to be clean and fresh but on the other hand we apply a scent that has some similarity to body odor, but in a different way. It's a subtle odor mixed with the most beautiful scents of flowers, fruits and woods.

A perfume that's made without some animal scents misses the warmth, it could easily smell like an air freshener it's as it don't fit or mix with your skin chemistry. A perfume made with some animal scents is like it's melting with your skin chemistry like the fragrance becomes one of your own.

The smell of flowers on the other hand could be very erotic as well. Some flowers have animal or body odor scents as well even if it is in small proportions. Like Jasmine has the aroma compound called Indole. But what someone finds sexy is also personal, some could like the soothing smell of vanilla for example, or just find the smell of fresh fragrances sexy because it smell like you just showered. Or what to think about sandal? Sandal has an aroma compound that is similar to the smell of the body odor of men Androstenol.

There are also perfumes with pheromones. Just as animals use scents to attract the opposite sex, we humans release pheromones and respond to the pheromones released by other people. Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals in animals and humans which attract the opposite sex elicit sexual behavior. You can't actually smell pheromones but your body reacts on them. It's proven that people who have a smell disorder can have sexual problems. So smell is important for our sexual behavior.

I think that what someone finds a sexy smell isn't sexy for everyone. It's all about the personal memories, emotion, thoughts and gender. The most sexy perfume to me is Must de Cartier, what is your most sexy fragrance?


katiedid said...

"It's proven that people who have a smell disorder can have sexual problems." Whoa. Crazy. I'd never heard that - that's fascination just how pervasive our sense of smell can carry over into the rest of our lives.

I'm not sure exactly what my "sexiest" fragrance is... depends on my mood ;D I guess I'll say my old standby for a sexy frag has always been Magie Noire. Probably always will be, too - it's just a favorite overall. But CB I Hate Perfume's Patchouli Empire is a newer one I've tried that smells sexy to me.

katiedid said...

Shoot. Sorry for my poor typing and grammar. I meant "fascinating" not "fascination." Sorry about that!

Jenny said...

Don't worry about your grammar, I make mistakes all the time. I hope I will learn one time.

bifemmefatale said...

My favorite sexy perfumes come from this place:
If you haven't tried them, you really should! You can get 6 samples for about $20.

My favorites are a couple of Limited Editions:
Underpants: sexy sugar-smeared saffron sandalwood over rum-soaked vanilla
and Red Lantern: a tribute to the opium den/bawdyhouses of 1930s Shanghai. Caramel, Sudanese black coconut, white opium, blond tobacco, delphinium, golden amber, black currant and Asian spices.

Jenny said...

Hi Bifemmefatale, Well Underpants that must be a sexy fragrance! I knew the site but never tried the fragrances. I like that they are really different and have strange combinations of scents.