Sunday, January 28, 2007

Your chair?

This image does me remind me of something a girl once told me. When she was a child she had an odd thing, when someone she didn't know visited her parents and sat on a chair, she always sniffed that same chair after the visitor was gone. Hmm would be strange if adults did the same thing. Kids are much closer to smell, they smell without being prejudged, they just analyze odors not dividing them in bad or good smells.


chaya ruchama said...

I LOVE those cats !
They crack me up.
Can I borrow that line ?

BTW, when grown men or women do the same thing, they call them fetishists, lol...

Animals and children are a lot more honest about smells...and everything else !
[That's probably one of the reasons I adore them...besides the fact that I love the way they smell !]

Enjoy your day, dear.

Liefs !

Jenny said...

Hi Chaya,

Yes as adults we learn what are good and bad smells, although as a perfumer you have to behave like a child again and being very curious about all the smells, bad or good.


The Scented Salamander said...


What a cool picture! Love the line too.

My toddler is very sensitive to smells and will sometimes stop on the street to sniff and ask what is it he is smelling:)

When he was even younger, 3 I think, he one day grabbed my wrist like the baby in the Perfume movie, sniffed passionately and asked me what it was -- it was Knowing by Estee Lauder:)

Jenny said...

Hi Marie,

I like the picture as well, I don't remember were I found it.
I love it when childeren are so open and curious about everything. Your son has a good taste I love Knowing too. Maybe one day your son will be a famous perfumer!!!