Sunday, January 14, 2007


Vega by Guerlain is a beautiful aldehydic perfume. I had the change to smell it thanks to Andy Tauer who was so kind to sent me a sample of this lovely juice. Vega was originally created by Jacques Guerlain in 1936 and was recreated by Jean-Paul Guerlain for the opening of the renovated La Maison Guerlain in 2006.

The first acquaintance with this perfume made me think of Chanel no5, but that's because it's an aldehydic perfume, it's not the same but the topnote has some resemblance, Vega has a more powdery scent and Chanel no5 is more flowery. My impression of this perfume is chique it's a chique perfume. The scent of aldehyde is clearly present with an almost metal scent and believe it or not I smell a scent of blood. To soften the aldehydes there is a lot of ylang ylang used and what makes this fragrance so great is the use of iris, a soft powdery scent that soften this perfume on a remarkable way. To warm this all up there is some sandal and vanilla added.

I wore Vega a couple of times now and received a lot of compliments, when you wear this perfume you will not stay unnoticed. Vega is not a romantic perfume it's a chique perfume, it's a beauty.


chaya ruchama said...

It is a thing of beauty, isn't it?

Victoria said...

I love this one too, of course.

Jenny said...

Hi Chaya and Victoria, yes it's wonderful, I'm happy I've got the change to smell this lovely juice.

Fragrant wishes to both of you.

Leopoldo said...

I've never sniffed Vega but Chaya mentioned your blog to me and I thought I'd pop in to say hi! Anyone Chaya rates has to be wonderful!

... and I love your cheeky happy new year greeting in particular and your blog in general!

Jenny said...

Hi Leopoldo, how nice to hear from you and how thoughtfull of Chaya to mention my blog to you. It's good to hear you like it.
Yes the photo of the new year greeting is a bit kinky isn't it, I like it it's so funny, first I thought it would be better to choose another photo, but it's so funny, I just had to place it.