Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Perfumery art or craft?

Perfumery is an art form and it's also a craft but I don't consider every perfume as a work of art. And not every perfumer is an artist either, they like to call themselves artists but what makes them artists, who decides that?

For example I would like to paint (but I'm really not good at it, I whish) the fact that I paint doesn't make me an artist does it? I could call myself a painter or artist when I believe in myself and think I'm good at it.

I could make a "perfume" by taking sandal oil and mix it with alcohol put it in a bottle and name it "Sandal dream" and think I made a perfume a work of art I could even consider my self as an artist, a perfumer, but am I?

I think someone else decides if you are an artist or not, I don't think you can say something like that about yourself, before someone else call you an artist.

Art is about evoking emotions you have to reach people with your creations, tell them a story with your creations, they need to be touched by it. It's about beauty(although not always), about emotion, feelings, imagination, harmony, expression and sensibility. When you've accomplished that you can call yourself a real artist and your work a piece of art.

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chaya ruchama said...

Interesting comments, Jenny.

This could open up a tinderbox of commentary and discussion, because we're all passionate about what constitutes art and artists.

I particularly enjoy the part about storytelling, because it's definitely in my Gypsy blood-

I love to choose a wide variety of material, when I sing, and spin tales of mystery, sorrow, humor, irony, etc., through my singing.

I love the gamut- from the ridiculous to the sublime...

Kus !

Jenny said...

Hi Chaya, yes I think it's so interesting because art is about emotion.

Did you ever write a song yourself? I think that's something real difficult. Aspecialy to combine the words with music to make it sound like a harmony.

I didn't know you had Gypsy blood Chaya, the first thing that popped up in my mind was a song of Jimi Hendrix: "Gypsy eyes" you know that song?

Kust terug!

Anonymous said...

I personally disagree with you. I think anyone can create art; it is inside each and every soul. The definition of "art" or even the label "artist" is something you can only find within yourself. If you paint, it does not matter how good you are as long as you are passionate about it; you are an artist because you create using emotions. However, if you are skilled at painting but do not feel for it, then you are not an artist. Si?

Therefore I think it's pretty safe for you to call yourself an artist, especially if you acknowledge that art is about storytelling, and portraying human nature and emotion. =]

Jenny said...

If I understand you correctly you say that an artist is someone who creates using emotions. So anyone who is passionated about what they create is an artist. No matter what they create or the result, as long as it's done with passion. Right? So for you the word artist, is about emotion and passion, not about the art which is created. For you it's about the intention, not about the result. Did I understand you correct this way?

When I think of an artist, I think differently. I would love to be able to paint a beautiful painting, I could be passionated while painting it. But to me that doesn't make me an artist. I think an artist is able and good at it to translate the emotions into the artwork, not everyone can do that. It's a skill and you need talent to reach that level. To you artist means someone who is passionated in what they create and to me it's someone who is passionated but also talented and skilled in what they do. To you an artist is about what they do, and to me it's about what they have created, their talent, skills and the result.