Sunday, January 07, 2007

Inhaling the scent of summer

Sitting behind my PC I thought about what to write today, when reading Andy's blog, I thought about how lucky I am that even when it's winter I still have the scent of summer around me, even though they are bottled. When opening one of these bottles I can smell summer again.

Yesterday was a grey and rainy day, well I could say the same thing about today, and I was longing for the spring. The holidays are over and now we have to wait for the spring to come, promising a summer with an air filled with lovely scents. I burned my aroma burner with a few drops essential oils of mandarin and jasmine and inhaled the scent of summer.

Today I'm studying some of my essential oils, on one wrist I'm wearing a dilution of Pink lotus absolute and on the other I'm wearing a dilution of Tuberose absolute. I'm still working on a perfume based on Tuberose, it's one of my favorite flowers. I do like Pink lotus but it's not as flowery as I thought it would be, it's more earthy, I will talk about that later.


FrankieCee said...

Hey Jenny, I love the satin background you made, it looks great, so rich and delicate. And I too LOVE Tuberose, hahahahaha, LOL. Frank

Jenny said...

Hi Frank, yes I know you also love Tuberose, I mever forget the discussion we had about the scent of vulva in Tuberose.LOL.

Andy said...

Dear Jenny
For me the scent of sun and warmth is orange flower absolute. And then: It is a very sexy scent, too, with a masculine line that is almost woody.
Fragrant greetings from warm Zurich, were we gonna reach a temp record like new york soon!

Jenny said...

Dear Andy, O yes I adore the scent of orange blossom absolute, it's so different than Neroli it's more indolic to me. I know you worked on an orange blossom perfume before, I hope I can smell it when it's finished.
I know that mandarin isn't a real summer scent but it smells like summer it's a happy oil to me.

Fragrant greetings back to you Andy. Lets hope the summer will be early this year.

chaya ruchama said...

What great thoughts, my friends.

Another thought, for one who 'normally'[what IS that,anyway?] eschews the fruity/floral...

I've been craving Molinard's Un Air de Molinard- replete with an incredible freshness and spirituality.
You never hear about it-
But, man- is it ever intoxicating.
A forgotten glory, ever new [like all great fragrances are !]

Pi**ing myself over the mention of tuberose vulva...
Have you guys been channeling Georgia O
'Keefe, by ant chance ?

Love you-

Jenny said...

Hi Chaya, never smelled Molinard's Un Air but I do love some fruity floral perfumes.
Oh and about the 'vulva' we're not talking about the visual thing here but about the smell. I read once that tuberose absolute contain some aroma components simular to the scent of a vulva....Frank found that real funny and made jokes about it.
About the visual thing of vulva the paintings of orchids does remind me of the movie The Wall from Pink Floyd, there is a part in the movie where they used orchids as vulva's.

chaya ruchama said...


You're so literal-
I knew what you meant...
Just being my usual asshole self...

If you send me your address, I can send you a bit of the Air, if you like.
[I've been afraid of creating a perfume lemming. I , too like fruity/floral- I like anything if I think it's spectacular ! No real bias there]

A classic example of preconceptions that are, naturally, false:

My girlfriend and I had a whirlwind smellathon recently.
She told me she hated jasmine, didn't like this, didn't like that.

After MANY samplings, she was blown away by the reality that ANYTHING, well done, can be moving, and adored.

I sent her home with a grand sampler of vials-every genre you can think of.

She looked like one happy, happy angel.

P.S.- DH is a huge Pink Floyd fan...

Jenny said...

Lieve Chaya,
A smellathon, a nice idea to do that one time. Perfume isn't about one note it's about the combination of notes what will make a whole new sensation. I'm glad your girlfriend find that out.
I would love to smell Un Air de Molinard! I will email my address to you, BTW it's also on the letter together with the sample I sent you.