Monday, August 20, 2007

Your partner's choice

We all have our own favorite perfumes, but which one does your partner likes you to wear?

I just asked my DH (Mo) which perfume he likes me to wear, he answered Chanel no.5, I have to say that I like Chanel no.19 better, which was a present from him as well, I'm happy that he likes that one too. We also have a perfume we share, I talked about this before, it's Must de Cartier, it smells good on both of us. It's fun to wear the same perfume at the same time, it blends wonderful together..........


chayaruchama said...

DH is fussy.
He says he's overstimulated by my scents.

He loves Mitsouko, Tabac Blond, Madame X, L'Air de Rien, Fleurs Oriental, Must,YR Gardenia,Musc Ravageur, Parfum de Therese, Vetiver Extraordinaire, Kretek, many Ava-Luxes.Feminite du Bois, Iris Silver Mist, Mysore.

Let's just say that, he can't abide all my favorite leathers/ tobacco scents- even Tabarome and Habanita ! Forget Peau d'Espagne or Acqua di Cuba.

Tant pis, I say.

Liefs !

Jenny said...

Oh poor husband, he must have a hard time dealing with your love for the leather-tobacco perfumes.LOL

I just love Feminite du Bois, you once sent me a sample of it, but I already got acquaintance with it before. You had the right
presentiment that I would love this perfume. I will review some more of the lovely samples you sent me soon.