Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vanille Exquise by Annick Goutal

I love the sweet scent of vanilla, the scent makes me calm and it's comforting, I love the taste of vanilla as well, I like vanilla desserts and candy's with vanilla. But to wear a vanilla perfume is a complete
different story. Most vanilla scents are too sweet and girly girly for me and since I'm not a teenager anymore, I feel that it doesn't suit me. The different perfumes by Annick Goutal are very lovely, so I was curious about the Vanilla Exquise as well.

This perfume was created in 2004 by perfumer Isabelle Doyen. She and Camille Goutal (the daughter of Annick Goutal) dreamt of a unique vanilla which could take us away to far away islands and Cleopatra's ancient milk baths of vanilla scented almond.

The notes are described as:

Vanilla from the Marquises Islands, angelica, almond, benzoin, white musk, sandalwood and Gaïac wood.

It's some sort of a woody vanilla, it's creamy but also a bit dry woody. It doesn't smell like a very complex perfume, it smells rather simple and recognizable, that doesn't mean that it's not a very well done composition though. The scent stays close to my skin, like most perfumes of Annick Goutal do, it's a calm and quiet perfume. It's a bit too quiet for my taste, it doesn't excite me.

At the opening I smell the soft floral woody note of Linalool, I guess there is used quite a bit of this material. There is a bit of a smokey note, I guess that is because of the Gaïac wood, I would have liked a bit more of this smokey note. I smell a sweet note that reminds me of sugared almonds, this could be benzaldehyde (which smells like almond) and maltol(which smells like sugar, caramel), but the angelica sure helps to add some wonderful green sweetness as well. I think besides the natural vanilla, there is also used some Veratraldehyde, which has a more woody vanilla scent and some ethyl vanillin, which is more creamier than normal vanillin. Not a bad composition, but too simple and too sweet and flat for my taste.

Available at a beautiful but slow site.


chayaruchama said...

Hello, Angel.

This ONE Goutal I can't do.
It smells so thoroughly artificial to me- very plasticky.

I, too adore vanille-
and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
But I crave luscious, voluptuous orchids in mine.

Liefs !

Jenny said...

Well then we agree on this one as well, later I will review some fragrances of her that I do like. I do find some of her fragrances nice, but I have to say that they stay a bit too close on the skin for my taste. But the compositions are very nice.

Why would someone be ashamed to admit they like vanilla? Maybe because it's not 'grown up' enough? I like the scent but don't want to smell it the whole day on my skin. A little bit of vanilla is nice though.

Dikke kus!

Divina said...

So many people are disappointed by this one - but I love it. I love the way it is still vanilla, but at the same time dry and medicinal. I love layering it too! Unfortunately, I do not know many others who share my feelings, lol!

Jenny said...

Hi Divina,

I'm sure you are not the only one who loves this fragrance. It's good that there is a difference in taste- uhm- smell.

Bluedenim Ink said...

I'm not a perfumer, just a customer who thinks Vanille Exquise is like stepping into a warm and sensual dreamland. Best way I can describe it is to say, "It makes me want to hug myself."
Most men love it when we smell both sexy and delicious.
I'm wearing it right now and came online to order more.