Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Apple formula

We went to Germany today, which is really close to where we life. It was real fun there, we went shopping and had a lovely walk in the local park and of course we ate 'pflaumenkuchen' a cake made with plums, I love that cake.

Yesterday I was experimenting with an apple formula, just for fun, and I like to share with you what I came up with so far, here it is:

Ethyl heptanoate 30
iso Amyl acetate 30
Ethyl butyrate 11
Ethyl-2-methyl butyrate 3
Orange oil 3
Linalyl acetate 2
Geraniol 1
Hexyl acetate 1
Geranyl acetate 1
Cyclohexyl butyrate 10% 6
Neroli 10% 3
Vertelione 3% 2
Benzaldehyde 1% 2


chayaruchama said...

What kind of apple ?
Sweet ?
Did anyone bite you, afterwards ?

Andy said...

hehehe...and now we wait for the Paradise fragrance, irrespective of its color! Fragrant greetings

Jenny said...

Dear Chaya,

It was a sweet juicy apple, it was fun doing it, but the Amyl acetate smells so strong when it's not diluted, I didn't like the scent of that on its own. Together the materials made a nice fragrance base though.

Haha no, no one bite me yet, but I sure did smell juicy and sweet.


Jenny said...

Dear Andy,

LOL, well not a bad idea, have to think about that some more....

Fragrant greetings to you too!

Dukjoon said...

What is the Vertelione?
Is there any synonym?

Jenny said...

Hi Dukjoon,

The chemical name for Vertelione is cis-3-HEXENYL-METHYLCARBONATE IFF sells it by the name Liffarome. It has a green waxy odor, a bit like violet leaf and apple.

Dukjoon said...

Thanks jenny.
I've aready known to Liffarome by IFF. haha

Did you make the Fragrance which has baking bread scent?

I don't have any idea....

Jenny said...

Hi Dukjoon,

Ohh I love to smell the aroma of fresh baked bread, I can smell it every day when I'm on my bike passing by a backery. I wonder if I can use this scent in a fragrance.

I once found that the aroma chemical 6-acetyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyridine is responsible for the aroma of bread, I don't know any common name for it. I also think you can use 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline which is found in rice as well. Other materials to use for a baked bread arome that I can think of are maybe Maltol, furanones or furfurals, maybe also some lactones? I don't know yet, I didn't try. Would be a nice experiment.

Dukjoon said...

Thanks a lot.
I'll try it and let you know how will I do.

yame said...

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Jenny said...

Dear Yame,

I really don't know what you wrote, I'm sorry.

Fragrant greetings

Mehran said...

Dear Jenny
I like strawberry and coconut very much. Do you have any formula for fragrances of these fruits?

Anonymous said...

For coconut I made this one:

gamma hexalactone 1.00%
gamma heptalactone 0.50%
gamma nonalactone 2.00%
delta nonalactone 0.20%
delta dodecalactone 1.00%
delta decalactone 1.00%
acetoine 0.50%
butyric acid 0.50%
ethyl butyrate 0.20%
maltol 0.20%
ethyl cinnamate 0.10%
heliotropine 0.20%
vanilline 5,00%
diacetyl 0.05%

Fill the rest up with solvent!

I was wondering, where do other people get their supplies? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi mis jen;

i really wanted to try making my own perfume but idont have any idea how can you help me? here is my email add.. thanks

always_rocking said...

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