Thursday, April 05, 2007

Un Air de Molinard

Some perfumes smell nice, but some do trigger an emotion and suck you into another world. Well, Un Air de Molinard is such a perfume. When I get the first waft of this perfume it's incredible fresh but not sparkling fresh, it's fresh soft. It's tender but not timid, recognizable but also mysterious. When wearing this fragrance, an inner peace comes over me.

It opens with mandarin and pampelmousse what gives the fresh top notes, these notes are combined with cassis, to deepen the citrus notes. The iris in the heart soften the citrus notes and gives this perfume a soft dry powdery feeling. The heart possesses rose, jasmine and osmanthus. The heart is not heavy flowery but delicate, sweet and soft. Iris and osmanthus are the dominant notes in the heart. Osmanthus has a sweet flowery smell that combines wonderful with the citrus notes of the top. Slowly the base notes are revealing the soft woody warm scent of vanilla and vetiver. I like the combination of vanilla and vetiver because vetiver gives vanilla a more sensual feeling the vanilla will not smell only sweet but also woody and a bit smokey. Musk is also present what gives this perfume a vibrant warmth and a little amber to give it a warm dark sweetness.

When you wear this perfume you will not constantly smell this fragrance but now and then get a waft of it, to let you know you are wearing this wonderful fragrance. Un Air de Molinard is a perfume from an exquisite Molinard 1849 Collection, a vintage revival of seven classic fragrances by Molinard of the 1920's and 1930's, limited in it's distribution, currently available at Aedes and Barneys, I couldn't find it on the site of Molinard. The beautiful bottle is designed by Rene Lalique. Thanks to Chaya I could experience this incredible beautiful fragrance, an experience I will never forget, thank you Chaya!


chaya ruchama said...

Lieve Jenny-
So happy to share with you !
I attended Sniffa this last weekend in NYC, and you were on my mind...

This was at Bendel's, and Aedes, and I was trying to get others to sample its radiant subtle beauty.

How I would love to share such an adventure with you.
For such as we, it is incredibly intimate, and revealing.
Sensual, funny, and loving.


All of us who attended are now experiencing withdrawal !

I hope that you and yours have a cherished Easter...

Dikke kus !

Jenny said...

Lieve Chaya,
You must have a wonderful time with Sniffa, what did the others say about Un Air de Molinard?

Yes you named it right it's a subtle beauty.

O I would love to share adventures like those with you, we would have such a great time. I'm glad that my sister in law has the same passion for perfume as me and we understand each other when we get excited over a fragrance, some people don't understand this kind of passion. I can talk for hours about perfume, and smelling all kinds of wonderful fragrances is like being in heaven.

Thank you once again Chaya for giving me the chance to smell this beautiful fragrance, it was a wonderful experience and I found a new favorite perfume.

Happy Easter to you too.

Dikke kus terug!

naSrOuL said...


I'm from Malaysia. Wow, congratulations on ur latest creation of perfume n it got good reviews n feedback from ur participants. I wish I could have d-sample of ur perfume.


Jenny said...

Hi Nasroul,

I'm not sure I understand you correctly. Are you a member of my group and are you talking about my latest Swap perfume?