Monday, April 16, 2007

Reorganizing my perfumery room

I finally cleaned up my perfumery room and arranged all my materials again. I placed another cabinet on the wall because I didn't have enough space for all the materials anymore. I also cleaned up the closet where I keep all my materials. I made some photos of it:

Here you can see my perfume organ where I work at, I keep my diluted materials in bottles with droppers.

Below are all my materials, as you can see I use droppers for each material, sometimes I screw them on top of the bottle and when that doesn't work I keep the dropper in a plastic back around the neck of the bottle, so I can't make a mistake by using the same dropper for different materials:

Some magazines about perfumes.

My books about perfumery and essential oils.

It's nice to create perfumes in a cleaned up, and organized perfumery room. But I have to remind myself to keep it this way. When I create I can make a mess all over again. To keep things neat is the last thing that's on my mind when I create perfumes.


chayaruchama said...

Lieve Jenny-

I'm so impressed by your tidiness !
That's a lot of effort, and it shows.

I've been thinking about you lately- good fortune has enabled me to meet up with some wonderful perfumers lately, and it's been thought-provoking and exciting- like having new lovers, lol.

I enjoy your input, always.
Dikke kus-

Jenny said...

Lieve Chaya,

Well I don't have to search as long anymore when I'm looking for a certain material, much better this way.

That must have been exciting to meet and talk with some perfumers in real life. Who did you meet?

It's good to hear that you like my input, you've noticed maybe that I didn't wrote as much as I used to do, I couldn't find the time, but I have so much to tell, so I'll be back soon.

Dikke kus terug!

chayaruchama said...

There's a 'local' fellow [from Boston area], named Neil Morris- a great big bear of a man, very talented and lovable, whom I know from mutual friends [ he came to Sniffa].

Christopher Brosius , it was a pleasure, as his soul is astounding. we should get married.

And , last Saturday, Andy Tauer.
After all the correspondence, it was simply lovely to lock eyes on him.
Such a delightful man, very gallant and unassuming.

Believe me- I am fully aware that I am a 'nobody' in the perfume world...
but it is nice to know that one's perceptions are heard and considered by the more talented.

I so look forward to the day that you and I meet !
It will most certainly nourish the soul...

Liefs !

Jenny said...

I wish I could meet all these perfumers too. Why do I have to life so far away?

I never heard of Neil Morris before but I just visited his site, which looks lovely, I will add the link on my blog. I heard about Christopher Brosius before, but never smelled his perfumes, I think the bottles are looking a bit odd don't they? I will place a link to that site as well. And of course Andy who wouldn't love to meet him?

I think you're wrong by calling yourself a nobody in the perfume world, I think a lot of perfumers would love to talk to you and listen to your ideas and advices.

Veel liefs terug!

Amol said...

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