Sunday, November 05, 2006

Orris by Andy Tauer now available

The wonderful Orris perfume by Andy Tauer is created without thinking about the costs. It's made of the expensive materials Orris and Agarwood with dark rose, spices and mysore sandalwood.

Andy shared this perfume with 40 people by sending them a free sample to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of his blog. I was one of the lucky ones that received the sample.

The reaction he received on this perfume was sensational. Everyone wants this perfume. And even though Andy didn't have plans to make this perfume in production because of the high costs of the ingredients, he decided to create a limited number of bottles of this incredible stuff.

The Orris is different than any other orris scent I'd ever smelled. It's soft dry woody, but because of the spices it isn't just soft powdery but more intense. It's soft with a smoky and spicy touch. It's starts with lemon and spicy notes but soon gets dark, deep and smooth with still the spiciness on top of it. Somehow all the perfumes of Andy have something that you can recognize as an Andy Tauer fragrance. He has his own style that always come through his creations.

The Orris perfume could be ordered right now the shipment will be by 15 November.


chaya ruchama said...

Hello,pretty one-
Not unlike yourself, I eagerly anticipate this...
I've already ordered, and will be thrilled to receive it !

Hope you, and your DH, are doing well...

Kus !

Jenny said...

Congratulations Chaya, you ordered something special.

Kus terug!

Natalia said...

Dear Jenny, I live in Russia but I'm truly eager to try this notorious perfume as well. Do I have a chance of being delivered this perfume an dwhere to order?
thank you!

Jenny said...

Hi Natalia,
I think that it's no problem, you will find the information about ordering at his site:
Or just email Andy Tauer to ask him.
Good luck.