Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blending, mixing, stirring and sniffing

The whole week I'm blending, mixing, stirring and sniffing. I took the whole week off so I can spent all my time on making perfumes. I'm studying the musk materials right now, I have many different musks and I'm trying to find out which musk combines well with the other. The odorants of musk are really different I have sweet musks but also musks that have a dominant animal note, I have musks with a dry note a full rounded note, a green note, a musk ambery note and so on.

I'm also working on the fruity/chypre again. The fragrance matured for a while so I had the change to smell the result. I'm in love with this fragrance the picture I had in mind for this fragrance is a self-assured woman who is feminine but also strong. The fruity notes stands for the femininity and the firm base with oakmoss and amber for her self-assurances. I added some notes that are also used in men's fragrances but combined with feminine notes like fresh juicy tropical fruits and flowery notes of jasmine and tuberose. I like the result but I will smell it over a longer period, I can't wait to wear it when it's done. I will try just a couple of things to see what it will do to the fragrance.

Two male colleagues asked me to make a perfume that smells fresh, watery, fruity-apple like and it has to be a little but not too sweet. It has to smell in the direction of Cool Water by Davidoff and One man show by Jacques Bogart. Sounds interesting so I experiment with that as well.


Anonymous said...

what do you use to strenghten the smell of your parfume? is that true some perfumer use lard for that purpose.

Jenny said...

Hi, I never heard of "lard" before but I googled it and found out that it is an animal fat? I don't use that. With strenghten you mean to give it lasting power right?

I use fragrance materials that have heavy molecules so they don't evaporate easy. Lemon oil for example have light molecules and evaporate real fast, try it (diluted!) on your skin and it will last real short. But materials like musks have heavy molecules and stay really long on your skin.

Other materials that have long lasting power are: Sandal, Patchouli, Civet, Oakmoss, Agarwood, Vanilla, Castoreum, Ambergris, Labdanum, Benzoin etc etc.

I heard that glycerine is used for it as well, I never used it though.

Anonymous said...

need help! what floral tone would you belnd with Brown Sugar Coffe and VAnilla?
and: Banana & Vanilla?
any ideas? or other ideas within these parameters?

Jenny said...

I never smelled Brown Sugar Coffee but I think that it's a fragrance oil you use. Fragrance oils are composed, that means that they contain different molecules. I mostly work with single molecules and natural oils. I can try to guess how these oils would smell like, the name tells enough. I'm not sure if you combine the fragrance oils with essential oils, I could give some ideas of which you could use.

Brown Sugar Coffee could be combined with patchouli oil and some fresher oils like citrus oils. If you have some sort of fragrance oil with a melon note, you could try that too. I like cardamom oil with coffee, so maybe that's an idea as well.

Banana and vanilla could be combined with mimosa absolute, which has a little bit of a banana scent as well, but it's much more fresh. Jasmine is nice with banana as well.

I hope this helps

khalid said...

Hi jenny
my name is khalid
iam a college student and i try to start a small project to mix perfumes and participate in some youth meeting
would you help me and give me the basics info