Saturday, November 11, 2006

I found a new hobby

At my Perfumemaking group we are talking about tincturing. I like the idea of making tinctures of unusual materials. Zz from Parfume Moderne gave us some tips on how to make tinctures. I remember that I tried to make them a couple of years ago but that wasn't a success.

Right now I made two tinctures; one with coffee and one with dried apricots. When I like the result I will make more tinctures. I used 2 grams of the materials and 14 grams of alcohol to try it out, I'm not sure that it will work that way or that I have to add more coffee or apricots.

I can imagine that it's a really nice hobby to find all kinds of things to tincture. I know that Zz tinctured mushrooms for example that sounds really interesting. I'm already looking around for more materials to tincture, but right now I just have to wait patiently......

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chaya ruchama said...

Good morning, my dear !

Good for you !
I can see how Liz's workings w/ all kinds of tinctures, and Anya's, too, would inspire experimentation.

Keep us informed of your trials- I love to hear about them, and I always learn something, as well
[I LOVE to learn !].

Dikke kus-

Jenny said...

Hi Chaya,
I will keep you informed about the experiment. I hope the tinctures are stong enough to use for perfumes. I'm already looking around for more things to tincture, I think it could turn in to an addiction.
Chaya do you make perfumes yourself or did you think about starting this hobby?

chaya ruchama said...

Many years ago, I used to create my own perfumes from natural essences.
I would love to apprentice somewhere, in the future, and it is one of several dreams- including culinary school, studying linguistic anthropology,
resuming my singing, and possibly becoming a cantorial singer.

Like many grownups, sometimes caring for my loved ones, being positive,keeping fit and strong in body and spirit,and doing my work lovingly and expertly [while smelling REALLY good !] is all I can manage !

One has to have dreams and aspirations, though...

Jenny said...

Hi Chaya,
You're a creative person, the creation of perfumes is such a lovely way to explore your creativity. I hope one day you will start again, I couldn't think of giving up this hobby.

Why you just don't join our perfumemaking group at yahoo, you will meet lovely creative persons there.

katiedid said...

That sounds really fun, Jenny! Wow, I'm really curious to see how it comes out, too :) Neat. Please do let us know what you think of the end result!

Jenny said...

I will Katie.